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Le Bitcoin (BTC) price chart showing gigantic warning signs here, À mon avis?! Let's discuss this live today and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + la prévision spéculative des prix(s) + actuel 2019 market news for cryptos in today's video/live stream!

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Avertissement: Le contenu couvert dans cette vidéo / live stream n'est pas des conseils d'investissement. Je ne suis pas un conseiller financier. Ce ne sont que mes propres opinions personnelles, idées, graphiques, analyse technique (TA), idées, nouvelles publications et prévisions de curated prix(s) pour 2019 et au-delà. Toujours faire vos propres recherches et seulement investir en fonction uniquement sur vos propres conclusions et jugement personnel. Commerce et / ou investir dans Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) ou tout autre type de crypto-monnaie ou altcoin est un risque extrêmement élevé et le marché + prix d'un actif peut tomber en panne à tout moment! Cryptos sont incroyablement volatils! Vous devriez toujours consulter un conseiller financier professionnel avant d'investir ou d'échanger tout actif / produit / etc. Ce flux vidéo / live est uniquement à des fins de divertissement seulement! —

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Bitcoin GIGANTESQUES AVERTISSEMENT ICI SIGNES?!🛑-LIVE Crypto Analyse de négociation & BTC Prix Nouvelles crypto-monnaie

30 commentaires

  1. May I point out.. on the NVT notice the first drop was much bigger, then then second one was 50% drop, and now if we drop this third one, I think it would be around that 20% drop like your last video said. That sounds spot on. Also let’s not forget we are in a golden cross phase now, and those last ones were in the bear market. Juste une pensée.

  2. KIRBS !!!! we need to ADD !!! a wall street crocodile to the bull and the bear for our friends on Wall Street 😉

  3. I’m macro-bullishBut then again I’m not a traderjust hodling but still like to sit on the sidelines and watch.

  4. It seems like Bitcoin WANTS to correct, but people keep buying the dip preventing it from doing so….

  5. Bitcoin doesn’t want to do anything just like the money in your wallet doesn’t want to do anything. Bitcoin has no feelings and doesn’t make decisions.

  6. Without a doubt the best Commentary Voice on the CryptoTubes. LMAO. Impressionnant!
    Keep hitting that desk brother! Powerfull moves LOL

  7. Glad you touched upon the NVT as it is looking bleak. You are doing a great service to the community by warning traders and new investors of the danger the market is currently in. Continuez ce bon travail!

  8. Maybe another retrace back to 7600 region then a fakeout to about 8250 then the real retracement begins, either way, thanks for the input Kirbs you’ve really helped my general understanding of the situation, appreciate it.

  9. Exactement, just like similar to the stock market, i’m so tired of ppl preventing / refusing to Allow nature to take it’s course lets us go lower. if the market wants to go lower get out the way

  10. @KyleTVProductions Nope. For most people, it is their own emotions they can’t control and they project it onto BTC. They desire an outcome and only perceive a market movement that confirms that bias. It is an actual term. Google “Confirmation Biasor look it up on youtube. Right now if you are bearish, you want the market to go down. That is your bias. Little ole you is trying to tell the big old market what do to. Ain’t gonna happen.

  11. bonsai treehouse , bulls wanna tell the market what’s gonna happen, ain’t gonna happen. It Will be in the millions I believe one day but with all these Too fast UP bursts, there’s always a temporary retracement.

  12. Fundamentals may overpower technicals. This is a different market from last yearglobally.

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