Bitcoin CHUTE CALE! | NOUVELLES: PDG de QuadrigaCX Signé son dernier testament juste avant son “Mort”!!

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Bitcoin Analyse technique & Bitcoin Nouvelles Aujourd'hui: The QuadrigaCX founder and CEO Gerald Cottons death certificate might be fake, and much more about this in this video. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Regardez la vidéo pour en apprendre plus!

1:37 Analyse Bitcoin
5:48 QuadrigaCX

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DEEP DIVE VIDEO: The Truth About QuadrigaCX, Millions Lost, Paper Trail Gets Weird

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Bitcoin CHUTE CALE! | NOUVELLES: CEO Of QuadrigaCX Signed His Last WILL Right Before His "Death"!!

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Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

43 commentaires

  1. Haha I told you guys there will be a plot twist about that quadrigaCx thing first they say the money were lost so that we will sell now there trying to say that there is a chance that those loses will be found so we’ll fomo again make them rich haha manipulation at its finest information for the mases

  2. IT’S ALIVE!!! lol
    Either he was returned to life by some crazy scientist or we have confirmation of the afterlife

  3. The wife has the private keys and she is cashing out. $10 bet that in 6 months time she will have a mean rack 😜😜😜

  4. +The Catmother he might be eating some masala foodie here in street ! and watching themoon video and laughing bcoz people called him bitcoin owner xd

  5. Fake death certificates are not a thing here, and are actually given out only after the body is examined.
    If you are quoting corruption, please do say so. Generalizing it doesnt look good, Me being an Indian cannot walk down the street to getbuy a Death Certificate, people can report me and get me arrested by the local police.

  6. haha no worries. I love indian food so maybe I should move there too and meow everyday to get leftovers lol

  7. That dude faked , he is not death,got bands with the maffia.

    So much scams now a days, always hold ur crypto,in ur wallet with YOUR PRIVATE KEY People!

  8. If Jennifer can not show Cotten’s body in place of death certificate, she should be arrested, water boarding will be in order and she should be kept in custody till she talks or Cotton (that if it is his real name) appears back on the scene.

  9. +Zyrant3may be it could be done only if the buyer of death certificate is approaching through a huge mafia or huge political connectAnd mafia or politicos won’t do anything unless thay have something in it(higher than $1000)…. But a common man can never buy a death certificateAtleast it is not likefake certificates are a thingkind of easy and approachable

  10. +Akshayan Hariharan Well this guy had over 100 million to bargain with lol, losing 100K to pay some police and doctor is a piece of cake in India, but not in U.S for exampleI love India btw, definitely the most flavours in the world. The chicken is best in the worldWas seriously suprised by that loool

  11. Turns out there was no cold wallet. Funds were sent to exchanges and sent to mixers and eventually liquidated. People are doing blockchain analysis. All kinds!

  12. What a great mentor he is. I am happy that I am a part of this trade community I am on my way to millions thank God for Rodriguez Jeff he’s a man of his word thank you sir for letting me be a part of the trade thank you .

  13. India is amazing, I witness extreme beauty and extreme chaos side by side. I witness most crooked policeman in my life. I miss this place!

  14. I was about giving up on binary
    until you met Mr Rodriguez
    I gain all I have lost plus huge interest

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