Bitcoin A LA BAISSE POUR $8,500?? | Altcoin POITRINE OU BOOM?! | Craig Wright | BTC Pour $ millions

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Bitcoin Analyse technique & Bitcoin Nouvelles Aujourd'hui: Is there and altcoin boom coming? Or are the altcoins dying? News about Craig Wright and Venezuela. The Bitcoin price is going down right now. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Regardez la vidéo pour en apprendre plus!


1:04 Analyse Bitcoin
6:18 Altcoins
8:53 Venezuela
10:29 Wright
11:47 BTC Is Scarce

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Bitcoin A LA BAISSE POUR $8,500?? | Altcoin POITRINE OU BOOM?! | Craig Wright | BTC $Millions

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Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

36 commentaires

  1. Last bull market, Altcoins only went up at the tail end of BTC bull market, that’s exactly what’s going to happen this time round, when BTC becomes overpriced & Altcoins look dirt cheap.

  2. I stopped following and listening to all them YouTubers who are just collecting likes, views and donations from live streams.. the only ones I take serious are Sunny Decree, La lune (Oui, you sir!) and DavinciJ15Thank you for doing all this Carl

  3. Utilizing George Wendell’s strategy in stock trading, I have made substantial profits and I am poised to make even more

  4. 8500? Encore…..don’t think so. Better to hold and take the drop then miss the gains!! Gives less stress

  5. Précédemment, few people noticed and believed in Bitcoin technology, now very few people think of PRIZM in the new technology of mining coins in the cryptocurrency, think the choice is yours.

  6. HI.
    The best way to get coins in an honest way is PRIZM cryptocurrency, do not listen to negative and false, sort it out in PZM.

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  8. You heavy underestime the upcoming bitcoin reward halving and other stuff that will break any analysis in a heartbeat

  9. Dont forget the bitcoin halving guys.. and probly some forks for some extras couple months before the halving mark my words

  10. Hei Carl ! great video once again. i have a question . What do you know about Pundi x saving venezuela and mexico from fiat money ?

  11. I am using my Brave Browser now so I sent you BAT for your BTC Future Featuers bonne chance

  12. We might see an alt season only when Ethereum will be close to Serenity and will start to pump and recover. Of course this means that Arthur Hayes should release his ethers.

  13. I see what you are saying, but I would take care to make a clear distinction between your notion and the false notion of Marx’slabor theory of valuewhich was completely debunked by Ludwig Von Misessubjective theory of value”.

  14. Thanks a lot Carl. Truth hurts but glad you got the brains and balls to call this bear run durring this bull market.

  15. have you looked into Krown? he is very well informed and has proof of trade. he does not need any money from donations or live streams.

  16. @Habanero95 I have a price target of $0.03 so yes i am loading up. I’m close to 3 million of them 👌🏾

  17. @Art Chavez in 2 weeks the russians will allow crypto trading legally and I suppose that the chinese will follow soon enough as well. So fundamentally speaking this year will be the bitcoin year and when it will stop and go sideways the eth and alts wil follow.

  18. @prizm . space Oh yeah! PRIZM is the best coin! Its PARAMINGING is already replacing mining ..

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