Bitcoin RELEVANT!! Rising Wedge Breaking Down! Bears Are Back!

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Bitcoin Analyse technique & Bitcoin Nouvelles Aujourd'hui: Bitcoin is falling right now. And in this video, I want to show you why the bitcoin price is falling, or crashing as you might say. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. To know more about the bitcoin crash today, watch the video!

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Bitcoin RELEVANT!! Rising Wedge Breaking Down! Bears Are Back!

46 commentaires

  1. This happened right when carl usually posts his videos hahah he must of had to redo the whole thing right before hitting download

  2. You’re the only youtuber I actually believe is making money in the bear market. The others are just lying or are getting paid for spreading wrong information (like CNBC). I’ve sold 33 % of my portfolio at the top. Wish I’ve sold more….

  3. Thx for XRP info. I get thethere will always come a better altcoinbut it’s hard to beat 1 second payment & settlement with a fee less than 1 cent (4B xrp got moved recently for less than a cent) 😉

    We’ll see if banks will disappear some day. We will always need them imo. Not only banks use xrp thou (Bobine & Codius)

  4. @Crossroads89right before hitting download” ? hein, why would he be downloading his own video? Surely you mean “télécharger” ?

  5. I agree with Carl xrp will thrive when xrapid comes online and more banks get involved, but when crypto gains widespread adoption people will realize they can make transfers themselves no need for a bank

  6. Alt coins are getting drained more and more, so increasingly smaller market caps == more upside and downside off BTC price fluctuations.
    Also one of the reasons i don’t believe in theBTC to 20-50k by EOYnarratives.

  7. Eth would be less than 170 because if eth falls 40% in btc, fair to assume value of btc also falls. So yeh big drop coming.

  8. Hey Carl…Bénédictions…awesome vids as always…..heard dat da smart money are gonna short eth like they did btc last year………keep up da awesome work….p.s. dont pay much mind 2 da hater comments brother….u know u cant please everyone….this also means yur CHANNEL is growing so yur gonna get more haterswhich im sure u knowbeen a sub WITH you since yoy had 1k subscrtake care

  9. Banks rule this world. They will not let this happen. Also when they want to make use of blockchain they will have one developed for themselves, since they have unlimited funds to do so. And it certainly wont be a volatile currency that can change drastically in value. It will be some kind of a stablecoin. You guys are dreaming.

  10. Expensive? Or Valuable? Only expensive if you buy a while coin. Value is a different story. Real store of value matters, not just hype.

  11. +Will g I’m following Crypto AMD, Waves and The Moon. I never took this channel serious enough, first thought that came to my mind waswhat does this kid know about trading”. But damn, I must say I’m impressed. I came a long way and learned how to do my own TA’s, I only come here for confirmations. I’m pretty bearish overall, in my mind this downtrend won’t stop until we hit at least 5000. This was my target since the beginning. I’d be kinda surprised if it goes lower than that since I don’t think these big institutions (banques) will allow us to get coins like EOS, litecoin, Monero that cheap. Rappelles toi, no one wants you to become rich. And if everyone could afford Bitcoin this game would become too easy.

  12. Carl, I think you had better take a look at Vericoin and Verium, which were designed for a binary chain protocol. The technology is being developed slowly but very steadily. I believe it will become the real deal within some years.

  13. And now people are trying to find a reason why it dumped so bad, lol. You’ll get plenty of reasons published on Tradingview news, most of them are quite hilarious. There’s always one exchange getting hacked, MtGox trustee dumping 10,000 BTC’s, or Warren Buffet saying BTC is a rat poison etc. Oh and everytime the CNBC becomes bullish the opposite happens. This time they said BTC will go to 7800, lol.

  14. that’s really well said. I was too new to the scene to be getting in in december. fortunately i’ve learned a lot since then. I too am beginning to believe 5k will be the bottom. bulls are getting so tired in my eyes. but you’re also right, they won’t let it get too cheap or they’d be giving up precious ground

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