Bitcoin CHUTE!! | $3,000 Ou $5,000 Prochain?! | Manipulation Or Shakeout?

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Bitcoin Analyse technique & Bitcoin Nouvelles Aujourd'hui: The Bitcoin price is falling or crashing right now. Pourquoi? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. There could be opportunities to long and short Bitcoin as volatility comes back. Where is the support, how far is the Bitcoin crash going to last and where is the bottom? Regardez la vidéo pour en apprendre plus!

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0:18 Le volume & Volatility Is Back!
2:34 Weekly RSI
4:49 SMa's & EMA's
8:02 Death Cross
8:36 Support Zone!
13:12 Manipulation?
14:49 Analyse générale du marché
17:45 Q&UNE
20:26 My Prediction

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Bitcoin CHUTE!! | $3,000 Ou $5,000 Prochain?! | Manipulation Or Shakeout?

41 commentaires

  1. salut Carl, I watch a lot of videos on crypto and the stock market & I have to say yours is my favorite. Most people are very cocky and will never admit when they’re wrong…& they’re usually trying to get you to sign up for their VIP group. Your videos are so refreshing! You’re very humble, you admit when you’re wrongwhich isn’t that often, and you just generally give incredible market analysis. Thanks for the amazing videos man!

  2. +The Moon yeh apart from ‘to the moonbit which should have been ‘down the toilet’, apart from that very accurate

  3. +ashish dwivedi I have savings… im about 50% in BTC and 50% in cash….I learned from the massive correction in jan/febetc not to catch a falling knife and go all in…..and I have savings set aside in case it goes lower ……..I think its an “D'accord” strategy (as its almost improbably tocatch a falling knifeand know the exact bottom…….the onlyflawin my plan is if BTC never goes on a bull run again and never goes above 10, 15 and 20k ever again…….I guess I might sell 50% of my BTC if it reaches 6.2k and be 75% in cash….but at the same time I don’t want tomissthe start of a potential bull run and potentially have tobuy expensive

  4. Mr Hole do I say follow my prediction it’s just asked question and I just answered what I feelsimple as that and Iam holding xrp already sold as 1 day chart of xrp had lot of room to go down and yet major sell is not accured yet I think may be 35-39 cent

  5. Today is the last day of the year for people to declare withdrawing money from hedge funds, that money will go into crypto and Bakkt. Bull run 2018 about to commence hopefully.

  6. +kinsas My Phantom 4 was not used ever since buying the Mavic. Just a great time to sell it to buy more crypto

  7. Oh Carl,

    Everyother youtuber out there : “This is absolutely manipulation !!! ”

    Carl the Moon Man : “This does not have to be manipulation, this could very well be the result of multiple limit orders and stop losses.

    And this is why I look forward to your daily analysis the most. Never shaken, always level headed and realistic, all the while keeping your viewers ahead of the herd by not being suckered in to the panic and pointing fingers at things like manipulation.

    Manipulation is the excuse people use who don’t understand technical analysis.

    We hovered in a range forever, and major supports broke.

    It’s pretty damn simple and was highly likely as you basically said in the video prior.

    So thanks for that, and keep the updates coming.

  8. What’s up Carl, as far as TA it’s my opinion that you bring some of the best value to this community. Great info and very educational. Keep up the great work bro!

  9. sensationnel “50% chance it can break to the downside, et 50% chance it can break to the upside”. Great TA lol

  10. To all the people who believe Bitcoin will hit 100k plus at some point in the not too distant future, why would anyone sell at this price and why isn’t everybody buying shitloads right now at these prices if they truly believe it will hit 100, 200,500k +?

    Bull won’t begin until people actually start using crypto not just trading it.

  11. Thats funny a shakeout. Nobody wants a coin that contributes fuckall to the real world.People have wised up and are buying alts with real use cases and all you McAfee lovers may as well hit the drugs with him as all his predictions are calculated to make all his cocainne dealers happy

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