Bitcoin EPIC POMPE OU ENTRANT… ?! 🛑- EN DIRECT Analyse Trading Crypto & BTC Prix Nouvelles crypto-monnaie

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Le Bitcoin (BTC) price potentially ready for an epic pump, À mon avis?! Let's discuss this live today and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + la prévision spéculative des prix(s) + actuel 2019 market news for cryptos in today's video/live stream!

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Avertissement: Le contenu couvert dans cette vidéo / live stream est de ne pas être considérées comme des conseils d'investissement. Je ne suis pas un conseiller financier. Ce ne sont que mes propres opinions personnelles, idées, hypothèses spéculatives, graphiques, analyse technique (TA), idées, nouvelles publications et prévisions de curated prix(s) pour 2019 et au-delà. Je ne vais jamais vous dire ce qu'il faut faire avec votre capital, métiers ou investissements. Je recommande aussi jamais pour vous d'acheter ou de vendre des actifs. Toujours faire vos propres recherches et seulement investir en fonction uniquement sur vos propres conclusions et jugement personnel. Commerce et / ou investir dans Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) ou tout autre type de crypto-monnaie, altcoin or asset of any kind is extremely high risk and the market + price of any asset can crash or rise unpredictably at any time! Cryptos sont incroyablement volatils! You should always consult with a professional/licensed financial adviser before trading or investing in any asset/commodity/etc. Ce flux vidéo / live est uniquement à des fins de divertissement seulement! —

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Bitcoin EPIC POMPE OU ENTRANT… ?! 🛑- EN DIRECT Analyse Trading Crypto & BTC Prix Nouvelles crypto-monnaie

34 commentaires

  1. You better believe this market is gonna keep ping-ponging but macro direction being down. Now i am neutral didnt get a chance to short. I will long at around 10450. Sheesh

  2. Great opportunities to sell out and buy back in this last week. I’m not trading with margins. Just selling at the lower highs and buying back in at the lower lows. Accumulating bitcoin. Huzzah.

  3. Moon the likes up 🔥🎇
    9700-10200 is the still chop chop range …….I am sitting in a short position at 10200 with tight stop loss at 10350. Kirby is the best 🎶🎶

  4. @Kiw Khina Blue trips aren’t announced in advance. But don’t be surprised if it takes you around the world! 😀

  5. I’m all inn Kirby! We’re going TO THE MOON! And I’ll be driving a Lambo back! 😀 Oh shoot, I already wrecked it

  6. Bitcoin needed a breather on the monthly candles!! They were too parabolic and the fomo people were scared of buying only to have a huge expensive correction. My bullish sentiment comes from; now that we’ve had this correction the next phase of the bull run should bring a lot more fomo buyers who now feel a bit more relaxed about investing

  7. Crypto Kirby Trading I’m seeing bearish formations although I’m pray that a miracle will soon fall in place. 🙏👁

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