Bitcoin DUMPING! | Gilet jaune BANK RUN en France!!

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Bitcoin Analyse technique & Bitcoin Nouvelles Aujourd'hui: Dans cette vidéo, I'll show you how fractional reserve banking works, and I'll talk about the yellow vest movement planning a bank run on Saturday. Aussi, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Regardez la vidéo pour en apprendre plus!

0:45 Analyse Bitcoin
10:14 Poll Results
11:57 Transactions = Bullish
13:17 Yellow Vest Bank Run!
15:53 Fractional Reserve Banking Explained

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France Starts Selling Bitcoin At 6 Tobacco Shops – 6,500 By Next Month

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Bitcoin DUMPING! | Gilet jaune BANK RUN en France!!

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Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

49 commentaires

  1. man i like your analyses and you always improving your self and i think to soon your channel will be number one

  2. I think we need to be careful it’s seems very tempting to buy now but I think it’s going to drop a lot more today or tomorrow

  3. so yes anyone willing to join us is welcome
    this saturday 12, at 8am (paris time)
    Maybe we could do like an international bank run,
    and crush them completely

  4. I sold all my positions about em hour before the dump BTC XRP TRX and ADA
    Was the right decision and Hope to center and take more profits
    My thinking was if BTC dumped all the others would lose at least the same amount
    I was actually long on BTC before closing it for a small loss. I Just lost Faith after days of going sideways. I even thought to myself this looks like a Bart Simpson chat in a minute
    We need your advice more than ever nos Carl só keep up the good work my Friends
    Can I ask Which country you are in?

  5. If you want to understand fractional reserve banking there is a really good documentary on YouTube calledMoney as Debt IRevised Edition”. I would recommend it.

  6. Merci encore Carl. I do appreciate your morning Bitcoin analysis. It helps me greatly. Just repeating myself a bit, I’d love to see a mid day video from you when things get crazy for Bitcoin during the day, but I will definitely take what I can get. Merci encore….

  7. One important point: the 1st deposited dollar that is lent out will have interest attachedlet’s say 3%. So to pay back the ONLY DOLLAR IN EXISTENCE (according to this example) the borrower needs to come up with $1.03 which is impossible. He can only do this by earning a piece of someone’s else’s debt, which will also have unpayable interest attached. Extrapolate this example to the trillions of dollars that have been lent and you see that it is mathematically impossible for the massive worldwide debt to ever be repaid.

  8. Can you do a video on your trading strategy, i really enjoy you TA but would like to see how you play these moves. Entry, stop loss, are you market smashing or limit order on a retest of support etc..

  9. I am watching this video 12 hours after you uploaded and we reached the bear flag target at $3630 as projected in the support range. Awesome work mate!

  10. +Ahmed Assar
    You shouldn’t be OK with a wrong corrupted system just because it’s born many years ago and people get used to it

    The whole current financial system must be fixed
    And there is no better alternative way for it rather than Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency in general

    Accept it or not .. But that’s a fact

  11. Just Chillin…. I personally have known about this for more than a decade, anyone who doesn’t know this by now who is over 21 is just beyond help…. I know you are trying to be helpful here and guide people in the right way but what I would say right now, having understood this for so long and after watching 10000’s of documentaries about how it works and why it is a scam etc I would say that I loved to watch this little 5 minute drawing/example by the moon. So yes indeed if you are totally clueless that you have been born into an unfair system that has managed to enslave people for thousands of years then watch the 1 long documentary about it, if not those documentaries ain’t going tell you anything new and it’s nice just to have brief simplified examples like the one shown here. It’s nothing to understand, it’s not meant to be understood. It’s meant to just be whether you and I like it or not. That’s what we are here to change 🙂

  12. +muddi funstar I’m sure most people are capable of deciding what they like to watch without you stating the obvious. Also to be fair, cryptocurrencies didn’t exist when that documentary was made.

  13. +Abdelrahman Ehab I agreed with you on the concept, sounds a good plan but we should consider and realize that such suddenly changing will cost the country a tons of loses shall need many years to recover, it s like treatment a human addicated drugs it s not that easy.. it s so complicated excpectation that definitely it ll happen some day as u said accept or not, the first country may fail to do it safely but it will be the bridge for the other world countries when they learn how to do it safe

  14. Dutch Crypto Overview lol classic Dutch move, completely controlled by the state. Go ahead and worship your king boy!

  15. I watched it, what a pessimistic video. The reserve ratio is what helps the economy grow. Having lent money go into other peoples bank account to be lent out again isn’t creating money out of thin air, its based on the labor of the people that were paid by all those transactions made with lent funds. Fractional reserve banking isn’t ascam.Its how businessget loans to fund projects and individuals get loans to finance their homes and vehicles. If banks were required to sit on the majority of deposited funds how would they even stay in business? Reserve requirements are setup so banks don’t go crazy with this and have no funds for withdrawals, the system only fails if people go into full panic mode, or in this case, they intentionally try and break it.

  16. +Ahmed Assar
    And that’s why we are in a steady natural growth
    Crypto will not replace the banking system in just a day .. It will take time as you said .. but eventually it will happen

    Many people have started already to realize that and now preparing for it when it comes
    Governments will eventually find themselves in trouble if they just do nothing, so I think they will have to act and make plans & strategies to adopt Crypto

    Take Dubai for example as they are already have plans to adopt the Blockchain tech & crypto in the near future to become the first city to do that .. That’s how every gov. in every country should think .

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