Dominance Bitcoin Going Crazy! Altcoins Are Oversold – Opportunité?

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Bitcoin Analyse technique & Crypto Nouvelles Aujourd'hui: The Bitcoin dominance has been going up recently, and are the altcoins currently oversold? I use technical analysis in this video on Bitcoin and the altcoins to get a good understanding of this. Wich are the most undervalued altcoins? Watch the video to find out!

0:51 BTC
2:37 BTC Dominance
6:42 Bull Or Bear?
12:05 Soutien & La résistance
15:05 Oversold Altcoins

Dominance Bitcoin Going Crazy! Altcoins Are Oversold – Opportunité?

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  1. Merci Carl! Do you think it is good investment to keep part of the investment in altcoins? I know ETFs bring a lot of money to bitcoin and people go there, but how would the approval really affect it? Will people leave the altcoins? Or it’s just temporary

  2. i know you think most alts are worthless in the long run, but i would love to see what you think of DECENTRALAND, the projects progress and some of your TA. and cheers for the video as always.

  3. Y’all think it’s a good time to be buying alts ? I mean a under 30euro (sorry i’m european) neo is basically given 😂😂

  4. Indian Supreme court decision for cyrpto is postponed to September 2018. Previously Reserve bank of INDIA imposed blanket ban by declining relationship with central banks thus investors cannot deposit or withdraw in fiat

  5. not the first time this happens, we had alts going down as btc was going up over the last couple of months.
    the reason is very simple: there is no new money coming in, and yes people sell their alts to buy btc.

  6. Should be a lot higher by now. Keeps fallin back, but than againbuy the dip!! Neo will be €100 at least this year.

  7. we cannot go straight through with 6 days of green candles

    week after…..”I can not believe we went straight though

  8. Oui….Je crois 45% wil be the resistance. BTC runs out of steam at the moment. Alt’s very oversold. Look at ETH. Keeps on falling. Pourquoi? No reason to be found! Think there are oppurtunities!

  9. Hey Carl! I have a question about your Patreon page. If I become Patreon this month and the first patron support comes to you on August 1, when will I be unlocked for the videos?

  10. Excuse me, Why are you explain that prize may touch only first fib line correction? What are the reasons of that opinion?) Je vous remercie!

  11. Bonne vidéo, im going to subscribe and watch more of your videos. Tought me a lot about TA in general and how BTC Dominance effects things. I think there are some oversold altcoins, ones that provide great roadmaps but will have no actual use case scenearios. I think the best investment at this time would be into Privacy Based altcoinsthey fill the gap where bitcoin failed to be anonymous. Lots of them are less than $1 and are very secure and private compared to bitcoin that can be traced. Im personally diversive ive picked up a lot of Shield, XSpec, some Zoin, but im loading up on DeepOnion. Not only are they a privacy coin they have many actual use case features such as DeepVault and their commerce plugins and roadmap.

  12. Caballero Verde Alt coins is a dead end. Read The Bitcoin Standard and you will understand. ETF is a bad thing. Maybe short time bullish but it is just the same as altcoins and all the other bubbleish assets out there now. It is like fractional reserve banking notes. They are worth nothing in the long run. And maybe not even so long.

    Alts and ETFs are bubble money. Bitcoin in your wallet and real physical gold in your hand is sound money. But still Bitcoin commes with a huge risk. So protect your money. Also reed Market Wizards.

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