Bitcoin LA MORT Croix, $3,000 nouveau?!

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Bitcoin Analyse technique & Bitcoin Nouvelles Aujourd'hui: Will the Bitcoin death cross take BTC down to $3,000? bien, the Bitcoin price looks bearish right now,, so I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I'll also talk about EOS and the country Iran and the SWIFT controversy. Regardez la vidéo pour en apprendre plus!

0:52 Bitcoin Death Cross
11:01 Price Update
13:12 BCH Hard Fork
15:24 EOS Centralized?
17:52 RAPIDE & Iran

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Bitcoin LA MORT Croix, $3,000 nouveau?!

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Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

32 commentaires

  1. @the Moon.

    thanks for the video and talking about the death cross and everything else
    very appreciated 😉

    as for global acceptance,
    Thing is as much as we know
    many officials aren’t very keen to the blockchain technology or bitcoin

    and talking to the average joes,
    they’ve heard of it last year,
    but don’t think it will be a game changer and don’t care
    and see it as a highly risky enviromnent (which it is for now)

    So yes I think it will change, but it might take some time.

    even countries tries to implement their own crytpo instead of bitcoin

    and I think most of the financial whales have been buying bitcoin
    out of the retailer ecosystem in order to not rise the price of it untilit does.

    What’s your take on that?

  2. Some people think I’ve copied this video, but I’ve just had at least 4-5 people tell me to talk about the 3-day death cross in the last few days, so now I amI have not seen the video you are referring to

  3. Don’t forget, most governments, especially the dictatorial, power-hungry EU, do not trust Bitcoin because they can’t control it.

  4. hey mate,,,I think u should have completed the study also with MACD comparison which is sth the community pays a lot of attentionso it matters.

  5. If you plot it how you like, you can always find a death cross somewhere. All depends on what timeframes you use and what MA you use. I rather think EMA is more powerfull. Also Weekly is more strong. I think a lot of FUD here. I think the supportzone of 5800-6200 we have almost a year is way more stronger! Also we don’t have momentum at this time. Bears look weak and if they could they should have broken it sooner. Not nowfundamentals are much stronger even.
    Don’t forget we had Mt Gox last time! This is different and can’t compare.
    Maybe we have a small retest of the 5800-6200 zone (with closing CBOE futures and Hardfork BCH) and then sideways movement in that zone. Slightly go up. Then another bull market starts with BAKKT in december.

  6. Excellent analysis as usual Carl, glad to hear that we mostly agree on the implications and validity of this 3D death cross!

  7. You are highly intelligent.
    I’m from iran
    All of the cryptocurrency trading sites are banned in iran but just in this month government legalized bitcoin mining and are importing ASICs from china
    And the national TV producing programs about the pros of bitcoin mining
    And iran currency are tumbling dramatically
    You sleep at night and dont know what will happen to Rial tomorrow
    People are more moving to forex or bitcoin in terms of keeping their investments still valuable

  8. Well Carl, wouldnt the three day be more powerful than the one day? So this analysis should be stronger than looking at the one day.

    Indépendamment, I have been calling for $5000 for about two months now and the price has been slowly going down. Just like you say in your videos, “rien n'a changé!” Donc, if nothing has changed, the overall trend should continue going down.. and the next support zone falls in the range of $3000 et $5000 which is why we’ve been saying just to take a look at it!

    Your analyses are AMAZING!! DO NOT take this to the heart! It will cause you to become a much better analyst than you already are. You’re a beast! Let’s do this

  9. There have been several 3 day TA but YouTubers.. HOWEVER, Carl always posts like at 3-4am Eastern American Time and DataDash as well as a few others copy his videos. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    Information is shared so who cares if he saw a previous video or not?!

  10. +Crypto Jebb but I hv seen yr video of this death cross thingy yesterday . Carls is just a bit behind. just another joe & James at the water cooler. Dont get reck & going to reckcity! The moon boys .

  11. well said carl except u don’t pronounce iran correctly not I ran its pronounced eiran written iran thanks

  12. i dont understand why someone would sell their bitcoin now that we are almost at the bottom, after holding it since 20k

  13. The sooner the general public of this world get into Bitcoin, the better this world will be,simples.🙂.

  14. Nice of you to put this here Jebb, even though you were sooner with your 3D death cross analysis.
    I think the both of you are doing a great job for the crypto community.

  15. Seems like the 2014 Death Cross took place during a continuing down trend as opposed our sideways trend

  16. Your starting to look
    At the right information. But your still a bit behind.

    Bitcoin isn’t going to be used like you want it to be.

    Xrp will be used and ripple will be the ones who scoop up all the customers that SWIFT cuts off. 👍🏽

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