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  1. I did the short/long conditional tip in your last videobest video you ever made .went 25x short..nice to make some btc in a sea of red

  2. You are awesome mahn..I made 182% profit yesterday.. waiting to place another order,but little confused now .. waiting for your advice ..thx a lot Carl for your support

  3. marc de jong yeah, that i wrote him some time ago, très bon marché, but in the end thats all he is interested in. Money for himself, and making a hype of btc which actually has no any real use……..

  4. I did get into that trade yesterday at 5x leverage with 50% set for Take Profit which got hit while I was out. I entered another trade at 10x leverage using my phone and that trade is currently up 26%.

  5. I can put $10 that in the background someone is eating an apple 🤗🤗🤗🤣🤣🤣 you can hear it when on 👂 phones.

  6. toutefois, we need to be carefulWe might not go below 8000. In the weekly we are still bullish. We need till wait till this Sunday to close the weekly candle.

  7. BTC had the same structure in 05 – 2017 and dumped hard, bounced on the 200ma and pumped aggressively after that. This might be the same case.

  8. Bitcoin has dropped more than this during the bull run, and soon we will climb again $16,000 by the end of October!

  9. The Moon Hey carl, A thought. this Descending triangle could be a huge falling wedge that mimics the 2018 modèle… take a look, it looks similiar. Merci

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