Bitcoin Crashing!! But Currently Oversold! | Bearish vs. Bullish Case! [Bitcoin Aujourd'hui]

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Analyse Bitcoin & Bitcoin/Crypto News Today: The Bitcoin price is still crashing. Where is the bottom and can we expect a bounce? I use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a price prediction for the coming days and weeks. Is the triple bottom still valid? Aussi, Tim Draper is very bullish on Bitcoin, which we will talk about, so watch the video to find out more!

1:36 Mise à jour Triple Bottom
6:31 1 Hour Chart (Short Term Update)
8:51 Bulls & Ours
10:05 Bitcoin Is VERY Oversold!
13:16 La résistance & The Bearish People
16:20 Bitcoin & Nouvelles Crypto

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Bitcoin Crashing!! But Currently Oversold! | Bearish vs. Bullish Case! [Bitcoin Aujourd'hui]

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  1. 1:36 Mise à jour Triple Bottom
    6:31 1 Hour Chart (Short Term Update)
    8:51 Bulls & Ours
    10:05 Bitcoin Is VERY Oversold!
    13:16 La résistance & The Bearish People
    16:20 Bitcoin & Nouvelles Crypto

  2. Even if im very bearish now, I bought some bitcones. I dont care if tomorrow is 1k or 1usd, everything that goes down, goes up again. If one day it reach ?????k, it doesnt matter if you bought in at 1k 2k 3k 4k 5k 6k
    Get as much cones as long you can afford it

  3. things are finally getting exciting.
    there’s enough misery now that bitcoin could finally moon.
    also it’s very possible it goes down way lower, as you mentioned.

  4. You know my thoughts on this already Carl and the degree of manipulation I foresee. They have perpetuated this progressive drop on purpose to exploit FUD and squeeze out as many private public investors before they scoop up the whole market amidst a stock market crash. What I’m intensely curious about is why they are doing it now. In theory they could watch crypto descend with the S&P when the planned decline starts after the wknd, and then transition into BTC and the alts. For some reason they don’t want to wait, which is why they are crashing it now. That strikes as me quiet bullish that they don’t want to wait for the DOW to collapse and BTC with it. I see this as bullish since it suggests to me they intend to transition into BTC even earlier. My alarming thought then is that we don’t see their moves on the echanges. They could be buying up increasingly as all the weak hands capitulate with OTC contracts couldn’t they!? I’m no expert so I’m sure there are those who monitor the amounts flowing through exchanges. Could you perhaps explore this suggestion of mine and perhaps educate more about how OTC works if / how we can keep a check on their clear intent to dominate the market and scare out / liquidate as many of the public as poss in the process.

  5. Nothing makes sense in this market, its so unpredictable anything really could happen. The TA predictions form all the YouTubers are so far off the mark.

  6. If Bitcoin drops down to $500 Carl you need to change the name of your channel to the Mariana Trench

  7. ill admit you nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw 3k and that big ugly red line :)..I thought it had dropped below 6.8k

  8. strange how just any fud news will bring btc down, while all the bullish news with etfs and indexes and vcsdon’t help at all

  9. love how he keeps on hoping for his tripple bottom but has a decending triangle drawn on his chart xD

  10. Bro thank you so much! Watched every video from the start i invested in bitcoin. You approach everything from bull and bear sides, which is in my opinion great. your video’s are so lit!
    Still waiting for a solid bull run!
    Keep the vids coming.
    <3 from holland 🙂

  11. haha another Crypto Youtuber who thinks hes Jezus. Mec, you CANT do TA in this market. Stop fooling people.

  12. I’m sort of happy in this bear marketIf people want to sell their gold at coal price, i’ll be glad to buy!

  13. $500 ??? $500 is like £375 UKalmost worthless compared to $20KIMPOSSIBLE !!! ??? !!! 🙂

  14. Sonix this is an age old game the central banks play, and they (the elite families and global corporations that hold the reigns) are VERY good at it. You know when the English defeated Napoleon at Waterloo just over two centuries ago, the Rothchild’s prearranged to have a rider bolt back to the UK with the result of the battle. They then elected to short the markets and proceed to spread false rumour that Wellington had lost, then buy up the stocks after they crashed. When the truth came out, they made a fortune almost incalculable by today’s standards, given they have used the wealth that deception generated to bankroll government debt and fund wars on both sides with ever since. You look at false flag events today and realise nothing has changed. Same old manipulation game of stack the cards in their favour no matter the outcome. They don’t want to kill crpto, they want to take complete control of it and impoverish us in the process. Debt = enslavement. They are the enemies of humanity

  15. tu sais, je connais – tu sais, your damn right !!! 🙂 tis a fucked up world we live in, Pour dire le moins…mmm
    I can’t say it any better than you did I’m sure
    !!! avoir l'intention !!! 🙂

  16. Eduard Esrever as soon i make some more money, i go and get myself some more BITCONES!!!

  17. Question is WHO is manipulating the market. Why would big institutions do it when they are looking to provide Crypto services, because these crashes are going to scare potential customers away?

  18. Yeeees, I feel the same, we need this before bouncing, regardless of when the bounce comes..🌙😀

  19. webDeclutter this is correct. If you only have whales left they will not fight amongst themselves. The small investor creates them the pumps and dumps. Nobody is investing in crypto with all the negativity and there are no mew investors. This could go belly up

  20. Best strat to combat this correction is to just keep buying. Don’t check the market every 2 secondes, and wait 1-5 années (like every other person who got rich off BTC initially) and get your thousands or millions in the next few years when crypto takes over.

    It’s literally that simple, and people still don’t get it. Patience is all you need. And some money as well, but mostly patience.

    Now if u trading this craziness, good luck to you. If you wanna sell, i think it’s too late now and you should have gotten out when everything started to get overbought some time ago. NEVER sell when the RSI is oversold. That’s just a basic rule that everyone should know by this point lol

    ALSO, if we do triple bottom and get enough support at the lower 6k range for a little bit longer, bitcoin may shoot up pretty hard. When people do one thing, doing the opposite typically works very well in crypto. Not every time, but most.

  21. lmao oversold?
    look @ the weekly indicators bro, ne pas 30 minutes
    bitcoin never been oversold, only in 2014..
    Something similar will happen here.

  22. I wasn’t referring to the 30 min indicators, but rather the daily indicators. And the day indicators are pretty well respected especially in the RSI department as almost every time BTC gets oversold there, the price action begins to reverse.

    And just to add some speculation, I believe that Bitcoin is A LOT more widely known now than it was in 2014, which leads me to believe that we can recover and go past ATH in less than 2 années. It also means that we can’t necessarily look back that far and think that the 2014 scenario will happen play by play again with Bitcoin dropping that low.

    The FUD around that time was MUCH greater, almost no one knew Bitcoin even existed, and no one really had big expectations of Bitcoin as every news outlet and big personality was calling it a scam that would just completey bleed out in a couple of months tops.

    Pretty much all of that is the opposite now. Things look a lot better nowadays for Bitcoin than they did in 2014, which means there is a chance we may not even get oversold on the weekly candles at all.

  23. The bitcoin, the party is over when the masses understand what fiat is, and see purchasing power slip away. Dumb money, will join the smart money buying there one, or slice of one Bitcoin. Bitcoin will stabilize as the “ money in the bank,” will you remember your fear as an early adopter, or regret these massive surges, and volatility when you could have actually bought One Bitcoin, but couldn’t stand the risk?

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