Bitcoin ECRASEMENT CI-DESSOUS $4,000!! | The Never Ending BLOODBATH! | Soutien clé BROKEN!

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Bitcoin Analyse technique & Bitcoin Nouvelles Aujourd'hui: Why is the bitcoin price falling? Manipulation? bien, I want to talk about why the Bitcoin price is crashing right now. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Regardez la vidéo pour en apprendre plus!

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Bitcoin ECRASEMENT CI-DESSOUS $4,000!! | The Never Ending BLOODBATH! | Soutien clé BROKEN!

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72 commentaires

  1. Seriously, I am a firm believer in bitcoin, but these neverending bloodbaths get frustrating, when will they finally end?

  2. Bitcoin testing support @$13000Now we go to the moon!! …ok it broke below $13000 but now stochastic is telling me we are over sold and we are capitulating. I don’t think it will break below $13000. ( one year later) D'accord, we have really strong support @ $4000, we are extremely over sold so accumulate as much as you can. I’m not saying it can’t break below $4000 but I’m telling youyou should be accumulating @ these levels. And it is not a financial advise. (Present) …ok it broke below $4000. I know I said I thought it wouldn’t break below $4000 but I always said there was a slight chance. toutefois, you shouldn’t be scared, we will recover. Believe me this time we will not break below $3250 this is rock bottom. if we go lower, the RSI and the STOCHASTIC indicators will break the floor. This cannot happen…..etc..etc😩aarrgh my god this youtubers feeding hope $hit to people making them loose money.

  3. hahaha. Moon boys. They call it “tremper” even it went from 20.000 to 3.500…. GeesussDon’t you understand the difference on a dip and a full blown crash? But when you guys talk about the stock market and it “tremper” 10%, then you call it a crash? Millenials…. totally crazy.
    So You guys think we will have a “tremper” à 800$? 😀

  4. +DinoRexGamingHD the bulls are dead this time.
    Killed by greedy corporate America and the government.
    Now everyone is pulling out.

  5. BTC crashed hard when it first got into the dollar range. Then in 2014, BTC shot up to $1,000 but over the course of a year crashed all the way down to the $100 dollar range. And after 2 years of patience, BTC shot up again to 20k. Now it’s crashing to 3k. Now looking at this pattern, what do you think will happen next?

    This isn’t the stock market.

  6. +CryptoRebel There is a strong possibility that governments are currently preparing to issue their own cryptos and will make bitcoin illegal. Take that into account .

  7. +x200 x6000000 This isn’t new information, there has always been that possibility. The matter of fact is that no one knows for certain. I am personally bullish long term so I am still buying.

  8. ​+Quattrings your portfolio is not 20% of what you invested, unless and until you sell at a time when the buyer will only pay you 20% of what you invested. if you dump it now, then you’re losing 80% of your investment. if you hold and it goes to zero and you dump it for a song, then you’ve lost your whole investment. si, toutefois, you hold on to it and the market goes up again in another year or two as it has done with a few major bull runs over the last decade, and then you sell when it is at or more likely near the next 10x – 20x ATH, then you should be able to net a nice profit from the experience.

  9. +ThanksMia I don’t know to translate it on English, but I’ll try, how we say on my language, tko visoko leti, nisko pada, Anglais: the one who flies high, will fall very low.

  10. +johto Sure and why not? We are in uncharted territory, no one really knows. Could go either way. But if bitcoin does fail then so do all other Alts.

  11. +ceramic At that time it didn’t fall over 80% and china was still involved and most people didn’t pay taxes on earnings now it’s only a traders market and yes noobs are the only ones getting owned.

  12. Cryptocurrency space has advanced a lot in recent years, and coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin still remain the biggest hits. toutefois, a large part of the crypto community believes that this will not always be the case.
    Many believe that these coins are slowly becoming relics of the past, and while their contribution can never be denied (they did bring on the crypto trend, after all), their technology will eventually make them extremely limited. If this does happen, other, more modern coins will have to take their place and become the next Bitcoin or Ethereum.

  13. As long as I can buy one pizza with one bitcoin is all good, maybe a round of beers to tell the tale would be great 😂😂

  14. +Thom Fantom HAHAHAH. Yeah right so you’re making money now? Hahah keep living in denial man you messed up big time.

  15. Well someone is buying the dip. The amount of 10k+ buy orders I’ve just seen on the Blockchain suggests some people are optimistic

  16. When Bitcoins drops to 10 USA cents. Sell as fast as you can. if you got any money left buy Gold or Silver for stability.

  17. +Mal Driskel When it broke down from 20K to 5.9K last year, the moonboys called it a dip. Now from 6K to 3.5 K is a dip. It’s always a dip no matter how much it crashes. Let’s see if we make a little dip to below 1K….

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