Bitcoin rétamer $8,500!! | Est $7,200 Possible? | ErisX Futures APPROUVÉS | BTC Réduire de moitié

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Bitcoin Analyse technique & Bitcoin Nouvelles Aujourd'hui: Aussi, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Regardez la vidéo pour en apprendre plus!

1:16 Analyse Bitcoin
7:38 BTC $100,000
11:29 BTC Futures & Bakkt

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#Bitcoin halving chart update: 10 months to go! de Bitcoin

TD Ameritrade-Backed ErisX Gets Green Light to Settle Futures in Bitcoin

Bakkt Reveals Bitcoin Futures Contract Details Ahead of July Test Date

#Bitcoin #BitcoinNews #BitcoinToday

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Bitcoin rétamer $8,500!! | Est $7,200 Possible? | ErisX Futures APPROUVÉS | BTC Réduire de moitié

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Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

33 commentaires

  1. Yoo Carl, got a question, I just got ledger wallet S, but got this hardware security model problem, can I skip this step? Are my funds safe without this step, THX

  2. Is there a reason you don’t look at the alts? LTC as an example? I’m sure lots of your viewers would like an analysis.

  3. We’ve reached the 0.61 fibonacci retracement of the last rise.

    And a 30 % global correction.
    It’s time for pump.

  4. The Moon is the first vid I watch at 0600 each day. Your T/A makes the most sense and your explanations are very much appreciated. I don’t want to get into day trading but swing trading with the major moves appeals to me.

    Question: you mention setting stop-losses on the trades, but do they get blown away like the equities when the whalesrun throughthe stops? I’ve had that happen years ago when I was trading futures and also stocks. You could set up a great stop-loss point but when shorting the prices blew through a bunch of stops until trading was halted.

    FWIW, I sold my BTC fraction (just a quarter of a BTC) at $ll.5K mark and am holding the cash aside. Yesterday I sold $7,200 worth of gold and silver (ironic that’s your bottom resistance point) and will add to the other cash holding. Will be watching your vids intently for when the T/A indicates BTC has bottomed out (way oversold) and buy a full BTC. Then I’ll have 3 BTC in my basket. Also considering selling my ETH and LTC after they go back up and going all in on BTC.

  5. @The Moon Unless you have the extra time for the alts without sacrificing BTC video time I wouldn’t waste any time or effort on it.

  6. Introducing my 56 years old mum in crypto was one of the hardest things I did in my life! We are early adopters for sure!

  7. salut Carl,
    About the huge leverage you mention in the video, when the chart starts going up again.
    How much you think you will place? 10x leverage? 20X? 50X?


  8. Waiting to get back in….loving this downtrendalthough I’m bitcoin all the way to the moon long term!

  9. no its not! patience! we have another 10%-12% drop before it leaves once and for all the 4digit price

  10. @The Moon i think btc is ur thing, and u r getting better and better at it. i would say:dont dilute ur growth as an analyst into alts, stay coherent with ur approach

  11. @BG he did call 13.4 à 13.8 nicely, but I think sub 10k might have just been brief and your probably lucky if you sold 13.8 and bought 9.6

  12. I sold my bitcoins @ around 10k today mainly because of Carls ta, hope it works out like he said later to be able to buy in cheaper.. but at the moment I’m really doubting it, looking at sicnificant profitlosses right now.. ;”( I kinda felt it was a miscall (other yters too) but most of the time he is right when this confident

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