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BITCOIN AUJOURD'HUI: Today we are seeing a Bitcoin miner capitulation based on the hash rinbbons. Dans cette vidéo, I'll go through the Bitcoin news today & I'll make a Bitcoin price analysis. Les actualités BTC & l'analyse peut être une source d'inspiration pour votre propre commerce ou investissement Bitcoin, mais ce n'est PAS un conseil financier. Sur cette chaîne, La lune, je fais 1 vidéo tous les jours sur les nouvelles crypto & Bitcoin. I'll always include professional Bitcoin technical analysis, faire une prédiction de prix Bitcoin, and I'll also show you the most relevant news for Bitcoin investing & commerce. Veuillez vous abonner si vous êtes un hodler Bitcoin, et laisse un coup de pouce pour soutenir mes vidéos gratuites!

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Carl Eric Martin (La lune)


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47 commentaires

  1. So it seems like hash ribbons are like golden crosses, some work as intended while others don’t. Basically take a guess to hodl or sell.

  2. November/December 2018 dump was BCH vs. BSV Contentious hard fork. Lots of mining power and BTC was used to switch over and prevent BSV from mining empty blocks on BCH. CW even sold a bunch of bitcoin to fund that. Encore, no one ever talks about the fundamental issues that existed when massive sell-offs take place. Super 1 dimensional TA.

  3. I can see a 6k/7k Bitcoin short-term but can also see a 200k Bitcoin in 2021/2022.. Stay humble and remember why we are in this space.. 🍷🍷🍷

  4. I learn something with the btc, bearish mean bullish and bullish mean bearish 😅 at last nobody really knows

  5. at minute 16′, I do not agree completely with what you say here. It is indeed dangerous if governments and institutions buy the majority of the circulating supply as if they are not honest hodlers they might dump the price spreading a bad reputation of BTC among the mainstream population and then offering them a new solution less volatile but more centralized.

  6. not all capitulation(sell signal) is a sell signali doubt this time round, i dont think it will be a sell off. This indicator seem kind of unreliable. Well i might be wrong

  7. Yes listen to this guy, be stupid and sell your bitcoin cheap to Grayscale , they will buy everything you sell here and pump the price to 20k by November. Stop trading and just HODL, this is not the time to be trading.

  8. I always say backsee u tomorrow honeyat the end of the video XD Sad that this relationship is one way traffic HAHAHAHA

  9. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 no problem you just love the moon ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️

  10. @bart_fitness_food_,motivation calisthenics 😍❤️
    Bart is a tipical Dutch name; are u from Holland? (je suis)


  12. @Mister Miyagi BTC went from 200 to 20k last time. Now it’s low was 3k so it would be underperforming the last bull run for 200k. I would say the very worst should be 120k and the best would be 175k. Each 4 year cycle BTC performs slightly worse.

  13. Bitcoin crashing or not, The main thing is to learn to increase your Crypto by trading than put your trust on these changes .

  14. Weeks back lost at least 8btc due to what I call inexperienced trading, Luckily for me I came across Thomas and he told me not to panic at all. In weeks I was able to recover and earn more trading with him.

  15. I think it was mid 2018 in Las Vegas, That was the first time I saw Thomas Hubert and he talked about trading. He is really good at it honestly.

  16. @Natalie North Reaching him now, Have seen this Thomas Hubert mentioned a couple of times, Tnk you

  17. Invested with Thomas and made only 90% of what he said I would make. His trading is not all that perfect

  18. @Omnipotent Being you’re out of your mind, that’s not how markets work. you can’t just compare to when BTC was $200.. complete insanity to expect a $200k btc.

  19. @Mister Miyagi Got into Bitcoin early 2014, luckily didn’t have my Bitcoin’s on mt-gox.. Funilly enough also bought a few on eBay back then..

  20. Just hold it let’s be honest is it never going to go back to 10,000 encore ? See it’s stupid to sell at a loss. Stop panicking stop checking. Se détendre

  21. Your a joke. Your whats making this space broken with all your FOMO AND click BAITING. THUMBS down.

  22. We love Carl!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰. Intelligence and good looks. What more could you ask for?

  23. Omnipotent Being there have only been 3 halvingscan’t extrapolate from that small amount of data that ‘we will see a decrease in the gains this time”. I’m expecting 300k at peak of FOMO blow-off top.

  24. @Young Keanu you don’t have stop losses enabled? Are you serious?

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