$20,000 Before January?! Bitcoin inversion 2018!

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Bitcoin Analyse technique & Crypto Nouvelles Aujourd'hui: Is the Bitcoin price ready to go up? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin chart to show you my Bitcoin price prediction for 2018. I want to discuss the possibility of the Bitcoin price going up to $20,000 before the end of 2018 leading into 2019. Do we need the Bitcoin ETF's? Is the Bitcoin bull run coming? Is Bitcoin really that bullish right now? Watch the video to find out!

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0:36 The Big Picture
4:10 When Reversal?
10:10 20,000!!!!

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$20,000 Before January?! Bitcoin inversion 2018!

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  1. I subbed because you’ve been positive (et précis) in this bear market. Great videos Carl, maintenir le bon travail!

  2. Carl u slowly but surely entering the top 10 space for crypto youtubers! Continuez le bon travail! Haut 5 by next year 👍🏽

  3. Haha thaanks Senne! I truly appreciate your support. You’ve been here since like 500 subs or something, droite? Very happy to see that you’re still here! 🌙

  4. As of now the volume doesnt support the Reverse H&S. The volume of the Head needs to be higher than the shoulders. I think this was the last stab at the resistance shelf and now we go down for the last lower low

  5. Last Sept 16th, bitcoin dipped down to just under $3100, and went to $20000 en décembre, So it is definitely possible. But consider this. The New York Stock Exchange PHYSICALLY backed(ice, BAKKT) futures are set to launch in November.
    Wouldn’t it be convienient to have BTCs price lowered before that launch by a series of well placed ETF denials and delays? Physical backed futures could drive the price even higher than $20K before the end of the year.

  6. Theres still a lot of hope, if you look back at aug of 2013 to oct that year btc went from $100-$1,100 pour la première fois! A huge jump can happen again!

  7. But from the Chart and analysis expection carl is totally right its not really realistic but it can happen he told us and im really agree with that sure bitcoin can do it but it will need some spectacular news or invents that push it to the level of 20k before we see a new Alltime high.
    and How Proof is it that bakkt rly backed up anything? and how much more can the back up in a world where every real facts are only lies from the Playmaker (Look who invents BAKKT) makes me some Sceptic.

    And sorry i am from Germany so my english isnt the best one but i hope u understand what i try to tell u 😉

    Peace Out
    and Carl pls keep going what i learned from u in Weeks is more than what i learned about reading the Market in the last 3 années.

    Amazing Channel!

    do u like More Germans to Know ur Channel
    maybe do a Interview or a Explain Challange with theBitcoin Informant Showhe is One of the best Infosource about Crypto in Germany maybe really good for 2 Reasons.

    U and Ur analytics ar seen by much more People Out There.
    and we dont have that much Qualified Traders in Germany or the videos are that lame nobody can watch them to the end still Boring. I really think Guys like u are Important teachers for the Masses so Maybe we see a Sweden German meeting

    Peace Out and Have good Trade see ya´ll tomorrow 😉

  8. ‘Short sellershave ‘cried wolftoo many times! $100 billion market cap still holds just above $6000 – ‘Hoffman Line’ – large institution preferred fiduciary market cap!

  9. Carl, you are totally great and thanks to you many of us get much more clear picture of the market. Thank you and keep up the good service you do to us 👍

  10. To Carl I watch a lot of people/ videos youre to, but i have noticed that most are the same, a line here a line there, flip a coin, it can go up or it can go down, I found a website called the modern invester, and he has stated what i have been thinking all along, that the big money is waiting to get in, but they want in, bot are manipulating the trading, the ETF’S, and BANKS, they want cheaper prices and need more availible bitcoin. billions of dollares are waiting to get in, watch his last 5 ou 6 vids, on bitcoin news and stuff, its an eye opener.

  11. Hey Carl , bonne vidéo , great TA and I must say honestly that you are the best of all crypto TA videos 👍
    Respect from 🇨🇿

  12. Congrats with this amount of subscribers! Quality will always. be appreciated as your numbers show! 👍

  13. You are the best crypto talking guy in Youtube. Humble, polite and pertinent! Listening to you is joyful.

  14. Oui, that’s right! I’m one of your OG subscribers. 😁 No way I’m ever gonna stop watching your vidddeoooos. 😏

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