Will Crypto Ever Bull Run Again?

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We as Crypto Currency investors all know what a bull run in crypto can look like, but will Bitcoin and Altcoins ever run like that again?

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Will Crypto Ever Bull Run Again?

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  1. I’ll tell you why I don’t have any bitcoin shirts, hats, hoodies, etc. I am not about to walk around with a sign on me that says, “Hey everyone, I am a bank, and you can rob me about as easy as gunslingers used to rob banks in the wild west”. They’ve got get security taken care of before I want anyone to know I own crypto.

  2. MEC!!!! where were you?!?!? Nice guys but….. nice to see YOUR subs haven’t jumped ship too much at this point! hope to see you soon!

  3. Do you hold any spectre sxdt or sxut, covesting or utrust? Really strong coins, still undervalued, with very good projects, all of them starting soon with full launch.. Look into them

  4. Glad to here the etn mention Jeff but have you really looked deep in the kyc and the instant payment and partners. Haut 20 coin soon if they deliver

  5. Hey Jeff. Missed you man. Dying to hear your voice. Your voice is feel so much the voice of a common investor. Love to listen to you.

  6. Electroneum and Pundi X are the cryptocurrencies looking at making it a real possibility to transact. They are making moves.

  7. Oui, all scammers do is to drop comments to tarnish the image of real people. Mr Jacob Lowery is real.

  8. Lives ruined by listen to videos and investing. How many times it goes down and saying it’s a good time to buy. There was never a good time to buy the whole year of 2018. Life savings gone. Now need to work for years just to maybe get it back while my friends bought houses and cars. And I’m here been eating $1 noodles all year just for the rise in crypto. Yea that’s right I’m eating $1 noodles while my friends eat sushi and travel world.

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