Est-ce Bitcoin rester Bullish? BTC, VÉTÉRINAIRE, ELLE, TKY Analyse technique

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Weekends can take #Bitcoin by surprise sometimes over the weekends, especially when it's on the verge of a move. Where are the price targets? Mark will review the chart with you along with some coins that you asked for. #VeChain Thor VET, #Elastos ELS and #TheKey TKY!

Mark est un commerçant actif et partage son analyse technique des graphiques. Il n'est pas un conseiller professionnel mais partage ses connaissances afin que vous puissiez avoir une base pour faire vos propres recherches et prendre des décisions éclairées sur vos investissements. Toujours faire vos propres recherches et de ne jamais investir plus que vous pouvez vous permettre de perdre.

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Est-ce Bitcoin rester Bullish? BTC, VÉTÉRINAIRE, ELLE, TKY Analyse technique

35 commentaires

  1. This channel is permabull and has probably cost so many people a lot of money. I cashed out of crypto a while back. I may enter again if it ever gets ETF approval (unlikely any time soon). Money is better invested elsewhere for now.

  2. I dont hope we get bullish.All the price is so manipulated and i often watch price live and after a bearish pattern suddenly the price get pushed, so without testing a fast Rise after a big drop. I Was short always and made Profit But i would have win more without the manip. I took the 7400 drop But i was short the time price went from 7100 to 6800.The crash was the result of they stopped manipulatr to up side. But after we reached 6150 they again avoid a lower Low so im not short Any Moore. And with time and news the market behaves change. But i Know that bitcoin. Is Normally at 4k. They Just avoid ed it.

  3. edit name Forgive my ignorance, but I’m genuinely curious about topic. Why do you say the masses don’t want to see that? And how far do you believe crypto will dump?

  4. Can you do a video on how you got CoinMarketCap sourced charts to show on TradingView? There are some Coins/tokens I’d love to chart, but they aren’t in my TradingView database. This includes Elastos and TheKEY. CoinMarketCap doesn’t come up as an exchange that TradingView will pull data from.

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