Est-ce que Bitcoin Go ci-dessous $3,000!? Quand? – BTC Analyse technique

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The waterfall on BTC and the overall crypto market continues. What are the price targets that we should be looking for on the biggest coin of them all? Is Bitcoin below $3,000 really possible/probable? Mark will take us through the charts and do the technical analysis that will give us some answers.

Mark est un commerçant actif et partage son analyse technique des graphiques. Il n'est pas un conseiller professionnel mais partage ses connaissances afin que vous puissiez avoir une base pour faire vos propres recherches et prendre des décisions éclairées sur vos investissements. Toujours faire vos propres recherches et de ne jamais investir plus que vous pouvez vous permettre de perdre.
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Est-ce que Bitcoin Go ci-dessous $3,000!? Quand? – BTC Analyse technique

48 commentaires

  1. Hopefully a bounce before going back to 3k. I feel like its so grossly oversold for such a short period of time that it’ll bounce off the $3400 support line at least temporarily 🙏Great video as always Mark!

  2. Upgrade I hope you’re right. I’m just waiting for a nice V pattern on the daily and I’ll feel better.

  3. Michael O thanks Michael. I think we have to at least test a resistance area as well. We haven’t done that since we dropped from 6k. Do you have an Enjin wallet? I have an ACB collectible coin for you if you do.

  4. A daily close below $3.6k open its door to $3k which is a solid support. Also this oversold weekly RSI is bullish and this bounce to $4.2 is just a continuation to the downside because of hidden divergence.

  5. Bien joué. Thank you for being the first YouTuber I’ve seen to finally point out that those algorithmic indicators (Stoch, RSI, etc.) can’t read this kind of price action accurately. The histogram (what do you guys call it? VPVR?) with S/R levels are very key as well in identifying the areas of high volume (trading zones, battle zones). Sorry to merely repeat what you’ve said, I just want ya to know that I get what you’re seeing, and fully agree.

    My only question (and am looking for your thoughts) as to whether it could drop (other than a quick tail/wick down) à 2800 or lower would be public sentiment. TA says absolutely, but at this point, I see so many more interested and involved in crypto than, let’s say the 2014/15 similar retracement, or even last year when those levels were first created, many fairly strong fundamentals currently which were never present, that I am really thinking (Ouais, je connais, remove emotion and stick to what’s in front of me. lol) perhaps there is a LOT of money sitting in the wings (like me and my tiny wallet) just waiting for the much talked about 3k? Et, I really have to wonder who is still holding who want’s to sell below 3k?

    I’d rather HODL from 3k down a bit more than get left behind as it runs up without me, but since I have so little buy with, every dollar lower helps! I’m realizing I’ll turn this “livre” I’ve already written here into a 4 volume series if I give all the reasons, but I have buy orders placed just above 3k, because I see (all this blathering to say this one point) a real possibility of there being far more buyers than sellers once it hits 3k. I’m also looking at how much has been dumped into the alternate stable coins. That’s not all coming out of Tether. And who knows how much fiat from around the world is sitting in fiat exchanges waiting for the right opportunity. Just seems there are a great deal of buyers ready to jump in.

    Eventho you were mistaken about the basic aspects of exactly what P3D was ;), I am impressed with your TA and market analysis! Continuez! And any additional thoughts concerning my questions here would be truly appreciated, you’ve no doubt far more experience than I.

  6. Stay with XRP and BTC always cause everyone sells when it falls which it definitely will cause have had experience many times BTC falls and rise, always remember it is going forward and don’t facilitate this into nightmare. Coin base is undoubtedly replaced by a different incident but it always correct and confirm to higher, never give up on BTC be a constant trader make more profit for yourself it might take a while just always remember XRP is probably BTC part 2. It is unfortunate that popular words amongst Crypto enthusiasts and trders alike hold. This concept of “holding on for dear life” in itself may not be a bad idea but why hold on to an investment instrument which could makebein some money,Someone I discovered that has tremendously helped me with this is Mr Adrianmarkus from Denmark has a system which is so effective it amazes me. Je lui suggère pour les débutants et même les commerçants plus expérimentés qui ont un problème tournant un bénéfice cohérent. You can reach him on Gmail/Hangout

  7. Monday i say it should go down, Tuesday i say it should go up. On wednesday after it goes down …….i say look! I told u this on monday.

  8. I’ve never met an account manager like Mrs Alexandra that’s so committed to earning her investors profit. Thank you so much maadame whereveryou are

  9. I encourage traders new to binary options or investors experiencing difficulties making wins to get in contact with her

  10. Thank you for the nice comments. I would have to think that the dip below $3000 wouldn’t be for long . I think that’s a pretty big psychological area as well as an area that has had a lot of volume trading. That whole area around the $3-$2.5k area historically has had a lot of action, so I could easily see a trading range somewhere between $3.2 and 2.8k. At the minimum I don’t think we’re going to just crash through. Now that being said, don’t be too concerned with trying to find the exact bottom. It’s all about risk reward and your psychological health. Are you going to be pissed if BTC doesn’t hit $3k to activate your order and goes past $4,600? Are you going to be pissed if your order gets places at $3k and it goes to $1,500? Averaging is one way that I “feel better” about my entries and exits. I use the support and resistance areas to decide when I’m going to enter or exit. Right now it doesn’t look like we’re going to just blow through resistance areas, but we are blowing through support. So my strategy right now is to buy some at support to hodl, leverage shorts if I think there’s a set up and I’ll cash out my shorts if we make a clear break of prior resistance. Tether can’t artificially prop up BTC right now, so we’re kinda seeing the straw house fall a little bit. We’ll find our foundation though. Not sure if I answered your question or not.

  11. This is the last shake down, just hold, some explosive action right around corner! I am thinking we are going to $2900 then bammm to upside! just my take on it

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  13. Hi DGdo you have an Enjin wallet? If so I’d like to send you an ACB collectable coin. Just send me your collectable wallet address if you have one!

  14. +Old Man Crypto How very kind of you! Je vous remercie! Currently I have Exodus, MyEth, Metamask, coffre-fort … but nothing on my phone. If none of those work, it’s easy enough to download it. I feel quite honored!

    I started to respond to your first reply last night, but it was so late, I didn’t want to just spit something out. Your reply did help, Je vous remercie. I fully concur, so your input simply added confirmation to others I trust and it all supports my own TA. Bien sûr, anything can happen, especially in crypto. But I still haven’t seen anyone give a very compelling reason for BTC not to make it to 3k, so I’ll keep my buy orders where I have them. Looks like it could go sideways for a while, but I still think we’ll hit 3k. I just wonder if I’ll have the guts to not fomo in if it rallies up 5 or even 6 before it’s final drop. LOL

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