Est-ce que Bitcoin ne cesse d'augmenter? Coin de FB stimuleront BTC Prix, domaines Unstoppable – Nouvelles Crypto

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Bitcoin's price might go a lot higher than it already is. In short term, many experts predict bitcoin to go above $10k and even hit $16k in just a few months. Mattie is also looking at Facebook's coin and how it might boost BTC and slow down banks. Unstoppable Domains is also a topic Mattie will talk about. The offer Blockchain Domain Names and allow you to replace cryptocurrency addresses
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Est-ce que Bitcoin ne cesse d'augmenter? FB's Coin will Boost BTC Price, domaines Unstoppable – Nouvelles Crypto

20 commentaires

  1. @Chris Cash its a stable coin, its value will not move. Plus Facebook is evil, they want to destroy all other cryptos! To hell with Facebook, they all commies/ work for the Elite!

  2. @Sabin Nott crypto currency is a creation of the elite also but we are making profits off of using it while we can.

  3. Fancy Powers I would rather invest in you….love your profile pic. maybe some day we will both be crypto millionaires. 😎

  4. I believe we could be at $10k sooner than people think. Bitcoin has changed the way we traditionally look at the asset. These old estimates are based on an older pattern. The pattern is changing for Bitcoin so we can less predicts how things will go and I see this as a positive move. Also there is more news and positivity in the crypto space than there was last year. Interesting times for all of us. Grande vidéo comme toujours. Merci

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