Where is Bitcoin price headed now? BTC Analyse technique

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What the just happened to BTC? What’s in store for us tomorrow? Are we going to test or break the $6,000 price point? Mark will walk us through the Bitcoin charts.

Mark est un commerçant actif et partage son analyse technique des graphiques. Il n'est pas un conseiller professionnel mais partage ses connaissances afin que vous puissiez avoir une base pour faire vos propres recherches et prendre des décisions éclairées sur vos investissements. Toujours faire vos propres recherches et de ne jamais investir plus que vous pouvez vous permettre de perdre.

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Where is Bitcoin price headed now? BTC Analyse technique

39 commentaires

  1. This time the sell off has nothing to do with TA!!
    The elites are manipulating this downwards for the final time to hedge as cheap as possible after the DOW loses 1000 points.
    Will be interesting to see if the DOW drops & holds below the 200EMA… Si c'est le cas, hold onto your bags coz we are going to the moon!

  2. All I see is manipulation by whales to get us scared. What are the odds that random people all at once, dump all coins/tokens, all at the same time, just because?

  3. +Surfer Jay definitely. I don’t think it’ll consolidate there. Just long enough for the wall street elite to get filled and leave the retail traders wishing they got in there. I think it’ll be a v bottom. There and gone.

  4. All of the sudden, the EOY 50k BTC prediction by most doesn’t seem as outlandish as was once thought!! lol

  5. I’ll start buying when btc breaks market structure (it goes below 5750) I’ll buy all the way down to 4k zone. Then ride up to the moon ✈

  6. Bro…..The Stock market is crashing..Oh No.. The prophecy is coming true 2008 was never solved after all…..

  7. For my I’m still gonna hodl on looks like I’m in it for the long run hope u all do well in this market peace peeps

  8. AnEclecticSoul all markets are rigged and yet the TA is still used. If you’re hodling then don’t worry about it. If you’re trading and not using TA. Sorry you’re doomed for failure.

  9. Deantray Taylor get ur facts right ..it is small correctionup zillions since 2009 … a good stock bond mix .means riches and early retirement

  10. CVE-2018-17144 vulnerability in the Bitcoin Core is very suspicious and the reason I am out of bitcoin and why everyone else should be out of it too! Its been compromised! take the crash on 11th of October 2018 par exemple! It would make complete sense for all the duplicated coins to be converted into Altcoins as well then simultaneously sell everything off at the same time when bad news is expected thereby covering up the sell off of the duplicated coins! BITCOIN HAS BEEN COMPROMISED and I challenge people to prove me wrong! REBUILD Bitcoin with mimblewimble integrated and lets start over because bitcoin is broken

  11. HI Mark I hope everything will run well till end of 2018, btw in the Legal Mumbo Jumbo I read thatI am a licensed professional financial advisorI didn’t see not 😉 , wish you happy weekend 🙂

  12. sensationnel – this conversation is going the same way gold and silver didit’s a joke. Anyone that still believes chart analysis means anything is laughable. Wake up before it’s too lateit’s just bitcoin pumpingand it’s totally dishonest. The sheep have been sheared alreadynew sheep are needed. I’m sick for those who bought in at the highsvery sad.

  13. robert ortiz if your referring to my comment…. I’ll challenge you to a TA test any day!
    At the very least, I can spell🤣🤣

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