VeChain is MOONING, C'est pourquoi! – Nouvelles Crypto aujourd'hui

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Dans cette vidéo, Mattie why the VeChain price is surging as well as AirBnB and the recent news about them entering the crypto space. Ceci est un segment quotidien!
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They keep comingAirBNB co-founder becomes the latest Silicon Valley heavyweight to enter crypto

They keep comingAirBNB co-founder becomes the latest Silicon Valley heavyweight to enter crypto de CryptoMarkets

AirBNB co-founder becomes the latest Silicon Valley heavyweight to enter the cryptocurrency world

Airbnb Co-Founder Backs $22 Million Funding for Crypto Dealer SFOX

Founder Of Airbnb Backs Project That Could See A Wave Of Crypto Institutional Investment

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VeChain is MOONING, C'est pourquoi! – Today's Crypto News


Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

32 commentaires

  1. Hey Mattie, great info my friend, I Like VeChain, maybe is time to put some $$$ in it, awesome price @ $0.0126, rest of the news is Great, Great Time to Be Ahead of the Big Money People, we poor people needed it break somewhere. Paix

  2. Node maturity waiver announcement and x-node lockup soon, also contributed to the price action.

  3. What major price surge? I mean really it was at $0.015 at its highest. So when everyone is talking about a big surge I don’t understand. It’s up and down up and down its just the market right now.

  4. Not bad in a bear Market ,just checking the pump release valve is still working ,Lisk tested theirs too and it worked .

  5. it went down to as low as $0.006, then rose to $0.015 and now stabilizing at $0.012. in just a few days.

  6. Thanks Andres! I like VeChain for the long term and – personnellement – will only be buying more if it dips

  7. Mattie of course not, but saying 100% gains is better than saying mooning imo. Just for the record I do appreciate your videos and opinions you share.

  8. Ok VeChain was way too oversold right after the conversion of tokens from VEN to VET (1:100 ratio), so for each VEN you held you got 100 VÉTÉRINAIRE. So because of that the price went from 1.4 USD/VEN to 0.014 USD/VET (just 1.4USD/100) and from that moment onwards price went all the way down to 0.006USD/VET, major slide. Now the price is almost 0.013 which back to the normal price before the crash so there was a situation of being oversold. Plus Huobi took forever to move from VEN to VET, while Binance was quick to do it.

  9. Just to put it into perspective for you guys….XRP has a very high supply as well and hit over $3.50 in the last bull runVechain is a real world use case with a solid backing and transparent only has to reach a fraction of XRPs bull run market cap to reach $1.. it is close to a penny right now. 10 grand right now can make you a millionaire. Im not a financial advisor, but Vechain is highly likely to be one of the only altcoins that will survive the altcoin apocalypse along with a select few others..

  10. Vechain rocks 🔥. But you should seriously look at Dent performance in this bearish market and roadmap.

  11. Just watch what happens in Cyprus in SeptemberOceanEx VechainThor Blockchain merchant transactions with BCH? Voyons voir…

  12. Can’t stop myself buying Vechain every single week. Love VET best project ever. 👍👍😍😍😍

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