Mineurs Mystery Taking Over réseau Bitcoin

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Bitcoin mystery miners are gaining a strong position in the network. Bitcoin miners are going to great lengths to make money in the current market.


Bloq Labs Launches Titan: Can Efficiency Save Crypto Mining?


Mongolia Will See At Least 1000 New Bitcoin Miners In 2019

JPMorgan & Chase: Only Low-Cost Chinese Bitcoin Miners in Profitable Positions



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Mineurs Mystery Taking Over réseau Bitcoin

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  1. I don’t think people realize that there are new technologies that are very low power processing chips and the next few years were talking 7 Watt I think that’ll make it profitable again

  2. Pinky: eh bien, Brain, what are we doing tonight?Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinkytry to take over the btc network!

  3. It can be various reasons. I’m a miner for quite some time. I know some smart people. For example there is a profit ethereum miner. They have an own assembled miner done in cooperation with nvidia. Also know some miner that mine free electricity. Only when the power factory has power left. If they need to produce more power they have to pay. And I think there are private miner that are so fast that they do not release it. Like I said with nvidia. You can also get more hashrate only done in the software. I also have better miner software that is better what you can find on the web

  4. there are also some who sold BTC when it hit 20K and spare those money for 2018-2020 electric cost, of course some are shutdown 30-40% miners but just to make another 60% left to operate with no electric cost to compete with lower diff (even I found that diff is not really decline yet)

  5. I slight criticism, I tend to watch youtube as it is easier that reading articles and I can do other stuff while listening, however you eeek out things so much it is less frustrating and easier to read the articles.

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