Is Monero Mining Finally Profitable?

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Still a risky proposition, but as of today the numbers look good

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Is Monero Mining Finally Profitable?

29 commentaires

  1. recently switched to mine monero due to increasing difficulty of ethereum. C'est tout, mining Ethereum has been becoming difficult to mine way before its forks.

  2. I`d appreciate a review on AeonMoneros little brothersupposed to be at least. Pretty cheap still. Does it have a future?

  3. Hard to say, but keep watching for those dips, anything below $1 is a good time to get in I reckon

  4. Hey Yash, Monero is ok to mine at the moment, not crazy profitable like Bitcoin, but you will get a return, just takes a lot longer

  5. The Crypto Lark thank you for taking your time to reply ! I just had one last question ! Like i had 1200$ to invest in some cryptocurrency mining which is the best option as per you ?

  6. if you bought monero when he made this video, you’d feel pretty terrible about yourself. it’s currently sitting around $85

  7. Check out Sumokoin(Fork of XMR, avec 12 mixin and RingCT from first coin produced), great for mining, still low market cap, and a difficulty algorithm that keeps botnets and farms away. It has great devs that delivers what they promise on time(next up is subadresses on 20.nov) as well as a great community. Check out if it sounds interesting!

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