est-Funfair / Fun Token vraiment tellement amusant?

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est-Funfair / Fun Token vraiment tellement amusant?

30 commentaires

  1. wow I am glad you are talking about funfair! I love the idea and i own many many funfair tokens >:) you the man Lark!

  2. No one talk about phase 2 vente”Dutch Action” 3x about of the the coin this could drive down the price

  3. You should do a FunFair part 2 since they have provided several updateswould love to hear your updated opinion on the project regarding their rebrand amd planned burn.

  4. It will race up to much more ….the owner is a living Computergame programmer legend. ….i think it will be the best and fastes Krypto Casino ever. ….i bought a lot of Coins. ……jump into the boat before its to late 🙂

  5. 1. Available in Exodus wallet to hold and to shapeshift into

    2.Up to 5000+ jetons – waiting for Q1 2018 – target levels 0.07, 0.28 et 0.40. Some models have the token up to $2 each, however hard to tell because we don’t know what the burn rate on FUN will be.

    Great Hodling !!!

  6. Ouais, this is going to be huge in terms of x’es. In terms of relative compariosn to bitcoin, it’s going to be peanuts, but I can see the x’es. Most def, gonna go in.

    Merci pour vos vidéos.

    I am a copywriter and I am going through the top-10 list and every time I see your vid, I’m like “Bien”.

    I really everything about your vids, only maybe you can prep a couple of slidesvery basic stuff and of course only a couple of words, not reading fromt he page.

    Aussi, I like that you are vibrant, but not BS, like crypto love.

    I am sure that you constantly evaluating your videos. I am planning to roll out the same vids in Russia.

    Alors, you can go to crypto love, see hiscontoursand make sure that you are getting into hisstyle space”. You are not getting there now

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