Is DAOstack the Hottest CRYPTO Project of 2018?

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Daostack (GEN) is currently trading below ICO price and we think this might be due to ICO bonuses and lack of their lock-in period and it is not uncommon for us to see the same happening to several good projects.

Dans la vidéo, we explain about the project and what it intends to do and some possible concerns.

toutefois, we are bullish on the project and think it has great potential in the long run if they can accomplish their goals and now might be a good time to know more about Daostack and in the video, we tell you all about it.

"It's my own opinion and I am not an investment advisor and this is not financial advice. Do your due diligence and consult a financial advisor." – Mattie


Links used:

On IDEX Exchange


DAOstack Overview Deck

DAOstack web site

Introducing DAOstack (vidéo)

Introducing DAOstack

An Explanation of DAOstack in Fairly Simple Terms

Alchemy Demo #2 – DAOstack / Matan FieldETHCC excerpt

Alchemy Demo #2 – DAOstack / Matan FieldETHCC excerpt

MAIS: 3.1.2018 – Video AMA with Matan Field

DAOstack Q&UNE

DAOstack ICO Review And GEN Token Analysis

DAOstack ICO Review and GEN Token Analysis

The Wisdom of Crowds and Bean Jar Experiments
The Wisdom of Crowds and Bean Jar Experiments


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Is DAOstack the Hottest CRYPTO Project of 2018?

31 commentaires

  1. Yesssss I’m on the right track!!! I bought some DaoStack after researching a week ago!

  2. Have a look at NIXplatform, its an Wanchain beater. pas ICO, you can only get it at 6the june, while holding ZOIN, airdrop rate is 1:2

  3. @altcoin buzz Great video! très instructif. What altcoin would you recommend the most right at this moment?

  4. This is a sleeping giant, I bought at presale and again when it hit IDEX. Currently on nice dip, perfect entry point for new investors.

  5. Mehmet Tunç I’m assuming you mean wanchain and not waltonchain nix and wanchain are financial , waltonchain is iot hardware

  6. I’d just stick with the top 2 Eth And Bitcoin! Every other alt coin ive invested in myself has fucked me over! Haut 2 though has been great for me 4-5 times gain in a year!

  7. dao + Ethereum… yea… non
    buggy smart contract anyone 😀
    its okay vitalik will bail you out 😀

  8. Yeah I got Into presale and I am really happy to was able to accumulate during the dip after exchange release

  9. Very good video, glad to see tips paying off. I really think the market is ready to turn a corner, I’ve been researching and buying things that I think are undervalued all week, bought Neo and DeepOnion today and Zcash yesterday. Spending a lot of time researching but I think it will be worth it.

  10. I was really keen to invest in DAO stack but i spoke with my financial advisor and he warned me not to. Apparently it is really high risk and you could lose it all.

  11. Dont trust tokens on crapy exchanges and 24h volume less than 5 million..Idex only..there is pump already going get ready for dump

  12. Votre choix…you can buy up to at least 5x already when these coins reach centralised exchanges.

  13. he was being ironic……these ridiculousspeak with your financial advisorwarnings are getting redundant to say the least

  14. you must of just got in at the wrong times or in the wrong projects the huge gains are not in BTC and ETH

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