Is Bitcoin a Fraud or Scam or Ponzi Scheme???

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Many new people to Cryptocurrency and the idea of becoming a Bitcoin Investor, they are looking for answers as the overcome skepticism in jumping into Cryptocurrency. They want to know if Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme or a scam or fraud.

Is Bitcoin a Fraud or Scam or Ponzi Scheme???

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  1. The other thing I hear often is Bitcoin is for money laundering and bad stuff. Hmmm… this doesn’t happen with fiat currency already?

  2. JP morgan prosecuted for money laundring lol I woud trust in BTC more bcs its technology not so scamy liers people

  3. The new AML Bitcoin is being introduced in Panama and other areas subject to money-laundering.

  4. Kathy Hernandezcan we say JP Morgan bankster and money laundering scam? It happens everywhere and with anything from fiat money, drugs or tulip bulbs.

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  6. There is a easy way to know that Bitcoin is not a Ponzi Scheme, look up the definition of Ponzi Scheme: “A form of fraud in which belief in the success of a nonexistent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors.

    Is Bitcoin a non-existent enterprise? Obviously it does exist, so it is not a Ponzi Scheme.

  7. This is money laundering at its best!!! Governments of the world are going to drop the hammer on bit coin trust me lol!

  8. Is Bitcoin a Fraud or Scam or Ponzi Scheme???” Oui, yes and yes.

    Tulips had more value then crypto, you could eat the tulip bulbs.

    The only entity that is in a dire need of crypto is the world bank, as only crypto can be used as the world currency that NWO requires.

    Private crypto exchanges are simply doing the foot work for the banks as any given crypto exchange can be completely taken over at any time.

  9. Yes it is a scam, along with every other cryptocurrency. Here are just some of the red flags 1) hidden owners, 2) the entire community is a pump and dump scammerland, 3) Bitcoin is no different than bitconnect or davorcoin. Same structure, same methods, same scam.

  10. They should have dropped the hammer a long time ago. Why is it illegal to create counterfeit money out of nothing. Yet perfectly legal to create cryptocurrency out of nothing?????

  11. The real problem with bitcoins you buy it and sell it with fiat money it doesnt have a value of its own. Real real money is gold and silver thats what you base a value of any money against ut.

  12. If it was a scam, it would be shut down. If its on the market means same people behind who controls the market.

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