IOTA is My Top Pick For Altcoins Heading into 2018

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I am getting many questions about my top altcoin heading into 2018. I would have to say its IOTA at this point. With the addition of Microsoft and several other partners these guys are positioned to be the next big Cryptocurrency.

IOTA is My Top Pick For Altcoins Heading into 2018

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  1. It sucks being a 19 year old college student, im literally gonna get a job and funnel every last dollar into iota.

  2. It freaks me out really, are we financing our future AI doom ? ..that’s what I think about when I see IOTA ;..

  3. A year to 3 year hold? hold till 2026. I was planning to buy and forget about it. But have to check the iota wallet every now and again. It’s really buggy and sometimes when opening you need to reattach to claim all your iotas, or your wallet is empty

  4. David Sønstebo isn’t even closely pronounced like that. Ö/Ø is pronounced like e inher”. Anyhow: David has admitted that it’s his beard that keep the Tangle together 😛

  5. picked up 2k coins before the news hit just by doing my own research and believing in what its about, already the best investment I’ve ever made

  6. why do you keep repeating the same phrase over and over? You say some variation ofload up” 8 times in 30 secondes.

  7. Take everything you read in YouTube comments with a grain lf salt. However i do believe getting a nice sized portfolio while young in a great idea!

  8. Guys IOTA is now $2.23 (11:35PM Dec3rd). Up like 30%+ since my previous postI’m buying “Altcoin Buzz” a house!!

  9. najan I had 5.3 gi of iota, I was having the same 0 balance problem that is common, I uploaded new wallet version and kept reattaching to get my balance backI only got 5.1gi back…(I reattached about 50 fois) where’s my .2 gone? The wallet is buggy! And now iota price is pumping so all of a sudden that missing .2 is worth more than it was

  10. @Ram Corbin the exact same thing happened to me. I think we need to reclaim some of our iota from the iota foundation. not sure exactly how to do that though, you have to find out which address has the .2 iota in it.

  11. OMG has not even been born yet, and they are paving the way for ethereum’s scaling solutions via the Plasma network.

  12. I like that you actually went to their website to talk about their content. Not just spoutting out the mouth.

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