Les investisseurs VEULENT Bitcoin! 3 Cheap Altcoins-Dirt, PUBG Crypto

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Investors want bitcoin! New report suggests that 40% of all American investors want to buy BTC. Mattie will also look into 3 dirt-cheap altcoins that might be ready to bounce. Justin Sun has recently apologized for hyping his lunch with Warren Buffett too much which Mattie will also look at. finalement, the gaming industry is looking more into blockchain and cryptocurrencies. PUBG just announced its first crypto campaign and High Performance Blockchain recently partnered with gaming company ShangHai Youwan.
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Nearly 40% of American Investors Are Keen to Buy #Bitcoin : rapport

3 Dirt-Cheap Crypto Tokens That Are Ready to Bounce

Justin Sun : Sorry for Over-Marketing My Lunch with Buffett

Soleil: Sorry for Over-Marketing My Lunch with Buffett

#Gaming Segment

Fortnite Rival #PUBG Has Unveiled Its First Crypto Campaign

Fortnite Rival PUBG Has Unveiled Its First Crypto Campaign

High Performance Blockchain Partners with Gaming Company ShangHai Youwan

High Performance Blockchain Partners with Gaming Company ShangHai Youwan


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Les investisseurs VEULENT Bitcoin! 3 Cheap Altcoins-Dirt, PUBG Crypto

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  4. “Shanghay”? Have you never heard of that giant city in China called Shanghai and spelled the same way as Shanghai YouWan?

  5. YEAAAAYou lost me at the fact that you couldn’t Pronounce PUB G correctly. ANNNNNDD you didn’t know what it stood for. You should’ve looked into that, my guy. *FACE PALM*

  6. haha the nexo cookies got you too, I’ve been getting nexo ads since checking out their site xD

    I agree with BAT being great, everyone should have a little of it, and that channel it’s trading in does look legit, thanks for the tip! Aussi, nuls seems like it might breakout soon as well, worth looking at

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