Les entreprises d'investissement & Kim Kardashian Love Bitcoin – BTC & Nouvelles Crypto

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Bitcoin et nouvelles de crypto-monnaie – Kim Kardashian puts Bitcoin in the spotlight, investment firms are making a killing investing into crypto, Bitcoin ETF saga continues, and adoption news.


‘First Bitcoin Investment FundPantera Capital Celebrates 5 Années, 10,000% Return





Kim Kardashian

Bitcoin Mining

Gibraltar United Football

Thai Cinema

Thailand’s Movie Theater, Major Cineplex, To Accept Bitcoin (BTC)

Israel Cannabis

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Les entreprises d'investissement & Kim Kardashian Love Bitcoin – BTC & Nouvelles Crypto

21 commentaires

  1. Mr Lark thanks for your ongoing content even as we go sideways you bring good healthy energy to this space, cheers from OZ

  2. Crypto Lark,
    I would appreciate an episode where you address how a company can accept crypto. Not generally, but an update. Like is it easier to accept Bitcoin, or request network, or just use the new Ethos wallet? I mean the basics of how to convert it in person so that the correct amount of fiat in crypto is spent (assuming that’s how one is pegging their prices). Been wanting to accept crypto myself, but the everything seems tailored to online retailwhat about a Taco Truck!!??

  3. j'ai tourné 8000 CND into 150,000 CND from november 13th to Jan 7th. Then I turned 150,000 CND into 7500 CND (current funds). from then on. With a profit take of 16,000 CND. Lernt a lesson on this one..

  4. I kept watching your news and decided today you are my favorite source, putting Crypt0, Boxmining and Crypto Daily to the second place.

  5. Mr Lark why am i waking up most mornings with a feeling someone was kicking me in my man bits OUCH. All this red again i don’t get itlove this space but Crypto Land please be nice to old people.
    Please people leave your money in go take a break let this place settle down & it will reward & look after YOU. Keep pulling cash out every time ya make $5 you will never make money in any market.
    From the DogHouse & wise old dog ( so mum said ) she’s 80 and not with-it i know but i take what i can get.

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