icône ICX – Connexion Communautés Blockchain

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icône ICX – Korea's answer to blockchain has been quietly building great blockchain technology and has amassed an excellent list of partners, but what is Icon?

Divulgation: Ceci est un examen non rémunéré pour un projet qui a été jugé digne du temps de recherche, l'enregistrement et l'affichage à des fins éducatives.

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Custom intro and tunes created by The Maker's Initiative – Auckland, Nouvelle-Zélande

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icône ICX – Connexion Communautés Blockchain

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Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

24 commentaires

  1. Thank you as always Lark, I think this will be a great series! ICX is perfect for this, especially for it’s hyped start as you mentioned.

  2. Love the intro and love that you reviewed this great project, well needed as I have been invested in ICX for awhile and as you stated they have been a little quiet. Much appreciated CLark!

  3. Very complex and challenging project. It really is something that in the boardrooms of corporate towers that there is a listening for this technology. Hats off to them. I think I pick up some ICX. The cross chain operablity is golden.

  4. I’m liking ICX longterm for sure. I certainly got in at the wrong time but hey, that was my stupid fault! Not gonna blame Icon for my stupidity in buying too high!

  5. you are too late to use Binance for the swap as they have already done their swap, you will need to do it yourself now unfortunately

  6. Thanks for the great clip !
    I really believe in ICON.
    I like their interoperability with other blockchains i.e.: BTC, ETH, etc. and the fact that they grow in worth with expansion of the communities such as companies, hospitals, universities etc. instead of being only pumped by hedge fund investment crooks is a refreshing and very important aspect.

  7. A note on Cardano:
    I used to really like Cardano but after following them for a while I’ve noticed thatinternallythey are dragged back by too much academic snobbery for solving problems and development.

    Charles himself is very intelligent and I love watching his presentations and lectures but the UK based team seem to be in a tangle of too much insider disagreements for wrong reason of putting an argument across for a sake of an argument and not being objective. ( in programming spaceobject oriented”)

    They often say they don’t care about the market value of ADA and they really mean it!
    They are too comfortable with the market position they have attained through their over-advertisedacademic royaltywithout even having a running network!

    I applied to join their team and the comments I received back from them were very contradictory and disarrayed.

    For instance they were putting too much weight on using the language they’ve developed calledHaskellwhich is only related partial aspect of development.
    They should instead solve the main problem of centralisation and making some effective partners that have real business or technological potential.

    When you see other competitions such as Ethereum or IOTA in Europe, ICON in Korea or Neo in China, they are not only way ahead technologically but also business wise they are very serious competition as they have very influential partners and they all have a running network.
    That is why I believe Cardano will lose their market cap position before they even launch their network as promised in early 2019, when they overused theiracademic” crédibilité.

    They often focus on helping out people in poor location such as Africa.
    If you want to save the poor, first you ought to become successful otherwise the potential ofhelpingwill not be there.

  8. Love the beta shirt!
    Just found you abou two wks ago. You have easily moved into my top 5 crypto gurus. Really appreciate your work!
    If you have time I’d love to see you do a comparison and evaluation between the binance and blockport trading platforms.
    Thanks and All the best to you!

  9. Would be awesome to see anyone from ICX team presentative to say about any progress which is going on . Seems like they don’t really need publicity at the moment 🤷🏽‍♂️. Ohh well , thank you for an update!

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