ICON Fusion WanchainWhat Does Cross Chain Mean To Blockchain And Cryptocurrency?

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Dans cette vidéo, we welcome Kunal. Who describes what Cross Chain Technology is, and how it improves upon Blockchain. We also go over some examples of projects that are implementing Cross Chain communication such as ICON (ICX) and other short forms.

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The Opportunity for Interoperable Chains of Chains


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ICON Fusion WanchainWhat Does Cross Chain Mean To Blockchain And Cryptocurrency?

24 commentaires

  1. Fusion is by far the most promising and the most undervalued project out there right now! A huge sleeping giant!

  2. zedx15ify Amazing project but not a very good investment right now. Fusion is by far a better investment opportunity.

  3. mantid Fusion is by far the best investment when it comes to interoperability projects. Check it out, its a serious project!

  4. Icon is amazing, already have a working product and when the Korean market fully takes off the sky is the limit

  5. 11:27 you’re getting ripped off if they’re only getting one litecoin lol!

    Jk I know what you meant.

  6. Really enjoyed this videocrosschain explained really well – Merci!😊 (& welcome to the team!…you’re great!)

  7. Ark always left out of these inter-operability discussions when it will likely be the first to actually use it in the real world

  8. Fusion is the future. Pourquoi? Because their CEO is a boss who is bridging traditional financial heads with the blockchain tech. Read this article and you will realize that Fusion hired the big gunsThe CEO of NASDAQ Dubai, Goldman Sacs execs, Morgan Stanley, fidélité…ever heard of these entities? Welcome to Fusion Intelligence: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180409005821/en/FUSION-Foundation-Introduces-FUSION-Intelligence-Strategic-Additions

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