ICO ManiaThieves, scams, hacks, time for a change

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ICOs are super hot! But recent events in ICOs like BeeToken, Expery, TheKEY, and more have shown that we need to demand better practices for ICOs.

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ICO ManiaThieves, scams, hacks, time for a change

31 commentaires

  1. John Doe yep I lost about $600 of BTC on damn Ethconnect. Anyway it taught me a lesson yet every other day there seems to be a new lending platform ICO and they sell out so quickly. The madness is real.

  2. what did you expect from an ico that took inspiration for their name in another scammy projectbitconnect?

  3. I received this mail and remember everything you said long time ago, went to check the official bee token site and realize, damm they tried to scamm me MTFrs.
    Thanks for the previous alerts Lark!

  4. Clearify will be good when/if sufficient adopt it. Hopefully the Beetoken shenanigans will justify and expedite this adoption. I was saying to people what a great ICO format theirs was. Such a shame the rest of the outfit seems deficient. As much as people hate regulation I think that we need it with ICOs. It is all well and good saying that we need to check them better but at the moment it is a seller’s market with ICOs as they are so oversubscribed and so fraud and double dealing is inevitable. The only other alternative is whale ico pools and then you are trusting their admin as well as the ICO admin in addition to being very early stage with all the risks that brings. Happy days!

  5. One news article said they walked away with 11 USD (eleven, not eleven million) and left the word penis. Why are these stories so different

  6. Holly shirt, in almost fell for that email scam of The Beetoken hackIt was well maid, and had a vídeo of The ico wallet but it was fake

  7. grand homme vidéo. Every (Nouveau) investor should watch it. Perhaps another onze with indebt info how to spot scammers…?

  8. Clearify is a new service that ensures that ICO sites and addresses are official. It’s a no-brainer to use that.

  9. Keith Wareing did you stop binary scamming? I lost quite a few thousand before ethereum rescued me from you and your crooks.

  10. I think this is a promising coin to buy, its changing the game, have a look.,www.elenctra.com….remercie moi plus tard.

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