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I am making this video about a coin that has come from the Altcoin Army and also from the inner circle here at Altcoin Buzz. I personally took out a position on HTML Coin.


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  1. Omg it’s soo funny I literally was just going to Your channel to see if you have talked about HTML.

  2. finalement! HTML! It’s the fastest transaction speeds I’ve ever seen, and lightning is coming too.

  3. Have a look on TBIS twitter account. Titanium CEO is now a part of their team, as a Project Advisor, as he also is with ETN

  4. HTML coin could blow up. If it doesn’t blow up, it will certainly increase in value over time if they keep making progress. Definitely a good time to get it (under 30 sats currently)

  5. Belle publication. I just took a position on it this morning way before your review. It’s def a sleeping giant

  6. It’s the fastest because no one is using it. If your looking for fast transactions RaiBlocks is ~4 seconds, fee-less and infinitely scalable.

  7. Agréable – this ICO has great opportunity! Encore 4 days to go. If you sign-up: a2hsNlF2Let’s go Altcoin ARMY!

  8. smh -.- S'il vous plaît, Skycoin does it in 3 secondes. Skycoin is a big project, started in 2012 and the original devs of Bitcoin are working on it because they wanted to fix the problems that bitcoin had. It has a lot of features like: transactionspeed 3 sec and 3000+ transactions per sec, zero fee, decentralised internet, tokens in the Skycoin blockchain get their own seperate blockchain, it is private and much more. There will also be around 30 new ico’s on the Skycoin blockchain.

  9. What a crock of sh*t. Stop looking at circulating supply and start looking at market capitalisation. That is a much better indicator for determining potential future price points.

  10. HTMLCOIN is going to take off 2018…..I have used the wallet and my balance was updated before I could tab over the page….it’s very fast

  11. eambob. I just downloaded the HTMLCoin wallet but can’t figure out how to move the coins I bought (on Tradesatoshi) into the wallet. I’m obviously a newbie. Are you possibly able to help?

  12. Hi Jason, open your HTMLCOIN wallet and on the left-hand side press the receive button, which will bring up a page indicating request payment button, press this and this will bring up your deposit address so now press copy address button at bottom. (this is just something which I do but open your note-pad and paste it in and compare it as a check)
    Once you happy with the address in your clip-board go to your designated exchange, go to withdraw find your HTMLCOIN a paste in the address you generated from the HTMLCOIN wallet and send. That’s, il, should not take too long to hit your wallet.

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