HTC’s New BLOCKCHAIN Gamble + XinFin (XDCE) Mises à jour – Nouvelles Crypto aujourd'hui

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Dans cette vidéo, Mattie talks about HTC and their recent blockchain gamble. He also gives you the latest on XinFin. Ceci est un segment quotidien.
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HTC Launches Blockchain and Crypto Focused Smartphone

New HTC Phone Can Only Be Bought With Bitcoin And Ethereum

HTC BlockChain Phone Exodus 1 To Ship In December, Only Sold In Bitcoin, Ethereum Cryptocurrencies


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HTC's New BLOCKCHAIN Gamble + XinFin (XDCE) Mises à jour – Today's Crypto News

23 commentaires

  1. I don’t know why XinFin isn’t in the top 5 Cryptos, but I will keep investing until the rest of the rest of the crypto world catches up with them.

  2. Good review.
    SIRIN Lab’s Finney has a Cold wallet attached. Payment is in SRN tokens, pymts made by btc, eth or fiat is converted to SRN in the background.
    They will start shipping to the public December 15th.

  3. Xinfin going to be huge, great project. Right now not many people aware of what they have already achieved. Early investors will hugely benefit. Go Xinfin

  4. Believe me, Xinfin is going to surprise the whole crypto community very soon, not everyone aware of this project and what they achieved, its one of my favs..

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  6. I started trading through Mr Richard 4months ago and I make x3 after 7working days. Its all about taking risks but definitely you’re gonna make your profit

  7. I become excited after 6working days of trade because I know I’m surely gonna have good news. I have no fear of loss when I’m with Mr Johnson he really is the man

  8. Eww CringeFin!! The company that parades that they are 5th place for volume on a worthless exchange with a total 24 hour trading volume of 2500 dollars…..1 place ahead of JESUSCOIN!! 😂😂😂

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