Electroneum Price Rises After News of Telecom Agreement

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A Massachussets telecom company has agreed to a deal with a UK based, mobile cryptocurrency called Electroneum. The price is has gone up 30 percent over the last 6 hours since the announcement was mad eon Electroneum's Twitter.

Electroneum Price Rises After News of Telecom Agreement

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  1. Jeff I just want to thank you for making these videos. I really appreciate all of the effort you and your team put into these videos for letting us views keep up to date with the latest news. Merci encore!

  2. HODL ETN I just took a further position in ETN. When the tech hits streets its going ballistic!

  3. Sophie Crowley Put your money where your mouth is, and double down on ETN now at the current price.

  4. For now yes, more exchanges coming soon, make sure you get the mobile app when it’s ready so you can get more coins from the simulated mining

  5. END of the year.. ETN will be $2-5Next year… $20-30.. With the marketcap going insanethese are legin predictionsMark my words..

  6. Jeff stop paying so much attention to what people say. Were here for the news about alt coins and advice.

  7. ETN will hit $1.0 come the end of Q1. As soon as they release their app and ETN hits some bigger exchanges it’s going to take off. Not to mention their plan to tap into the gaming industry. Keep in mind people, the circulating supply doesn’t mean anything when most people own thousands of coins. It’s about supply and demand! avoir l'intention!

  8. doesnt matter. still has loads to grow. still has a few issues with wallet and on ONE exchange. once this changes itll skyrocket even more. get in now before its low. i own around 13k etn and its one of 6 cryptos in my portfolio and its the one im feeling the most bullish on

  9. bien, my Electroneum is already at 12x gains and I’m not selling. Pourquoi? Because in 3 months it will be 100x probably.

  10. what’s your projectin? I don’t want to reveal how much I have but I have a fairly good amount right now. Think it will ever see the light of 200 dollars?

  11. I am with ya on that! If a deal like this can shoot it up 40%, while only being on Cryptopia and without a ‘working product’, I cannot imagine ETN being less than $1 if there is an actually use case with 100m+ users!!

  12. j'ai acheté 8000 a month ago and knew eventually it would pay off.!!! Did the same with Tron when it was .02. and XRP and XLM. And last night had a feeling BTC was gonna creep up so I took a lot of profits and put it in BTC. I feel like I do have a Crystal Ball.

  13. And I am Holding all of those and Not Putting in Bicoin although I have a good number of Ethereum and Litecoin. Interesting to see what Happens!

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