Electroneum My Top Buying Opportunity Before 2018

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After looking into all the buying opportunities over the last few days and currently at the price sitting at .07 I have decided to say that Electroneum is the one that appears to be the best buy. Now this isn't financial advice, but it is my opinion about this oppertunity. Share your thoughts on Electroneum.

Electroneum My Top Buying Opportunity Before 2018

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  1. 100% Se mettre d'accord, I have been accumulating ETN the past 3 journées, can’t wait for Hashflare to payout, will buy another $4k

  2. My top 10 reasons for success for ETN.
    1. Targeting 3rd world countries, Like india and africa that has a lot of interest.
    2. The ability to use their Logo without needed license agreements.
    4. Giving 3rd world countries the ability ti simulate mining, thus introducing them into making money with their smartphone.
    5. Marketing budget of approx. 100M
    6. Building relationship with smartphone carries
    7. Building relationships and signing agreements with Marketing firms.
    8. A very transparent and patient company.
    9. Saw the need to hire one of the leading hackers that’s been employed by the gov’t and other fortune 500 entreprises
    10. two decimal points to help people new to Crypto.

  3. I’m going to say that if nothing else, they do have marketing! Hopefully their technology catches up quick enough, though if not, the hype alone should give us all a nice return.

  4. Altcoin Buzz for those of you out there that don’t know electroneum has let coins than bitcoin. Because it’s only rounded 2 decimal places bitcoin can go to 0.000000008 …..electroneum is o.oo. Get it guys?

  5. Hey brother! Thanks for the shout out! ETN is a project I really believe in. I appreciate the share man and wish that success will hit you like a tidal wave!

  6. Since holding ETN I’ve gotten taller, look younger, six pack is back, my Fiat turned into a Ferrari, and #cryptodiggers have been crawling out the woodworks! Salute

  7. j'ai acheté 400 ETN. There is a 10 ETN fee to transfer from the exchange to the electroneum official wallet. Should I go ahead and transfer?

  8. Altcoin Buzz be on the lookout for My ICO SleepCoin! If you ain’t getting enough, ne vous inquiétez pas, I’ve been mining it off all the sheep sleeping on the Crypto Revolution! Great work Bradda. Salute

  9. Re3iRtH here’s my opinion on that. The reason Cryptopia is charging 10 ETN, they’re the only exchange that you can trade Electroneum on. Once it’s listed on more exchanges, the feesmight” (key word there) be lower. But if don’t want to wait for that to happenmake the transfer.

  10. Maaaan! What’s shaking. Loved the video, bien joué. I’ll say it now, Electroneum maybe the greatest buying opportunity since bitcoin in 2009. Get on this train today and watch 2018 Blow Up!

  11. Watch Crypto Lark and David Hay`s videos on this cointhey are more informed than this guy. Harry Redknapp endorsed it ffs!

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