Elastos $ ELA – The Future of the Internet

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Kevin from Elastos and I discuss turning the current economic models on their heads using blockchain tech, Elastos tech, friend chains, and so much more.

Kevin's Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/kevinjungle/videos?view_as=subscriber

Official Elastos Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy5AjgpQIQq3bv8oy_L5WTQ/videos

Elastos Community Github Link https://github.com/elastos/Elastos

Elastos Bounty Program (EBP) Github Link: https://github.com/elastos/Elastos.Community/blob/master/ElastosBountyProgram

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Elastos $ELLE – The Future of the Internet

40 commentaires

  1. They said the revolution wouldn’t be televisedwell here it is ladies and gentleman! 🤲🏻✨ELASTOS✨🤲🏻

  2. Became an investor in Elastos last week. And shortly will become an accumulator this week. As lark recently said the Bear market is a great opportunity. More bears!!!

  3. Elastos is one that ever since my first review a few months back I have been casually accumulating

  4. Kevin dropping knowledge once again. This project and community are seriously the best. Merci Lark! That interview was ELA awesome.

  5. Not something to go all in on IMO but for sure a really great coin/token to accumulate over time, My target is 1000 ELLE, EOY i’m only 20% there, but building my position slowly as and when i take profits on other projects. Go ELA

  6. ELASTOS is the most promising long term Project in our space right nowETH and EOS will take a back seat once people discover how big and promising this project is. Best partnerships in the crypto space as well. Proud to be a Long term Investor

  7. Le Crypto Lark , This secure holistic infrastructure approach should be at the centre if all the serious projects plans. If bad actors can circumvent smart contract systems via the exposed shortcomings of the current web.
    i.e Not the blockchain or the dapp but the infrastructure.
    This risk really turns amazing disruptive business models into a potential house of cards.
    And that’s before we even think about Digital ID applications.
    Did i mention an OG of OS at the helm!!!
    Stop me, hahaha.

  8. Wallet is ready, just need a U.S. friendly exchange. I love elastos! I keep telling people it will change the internet as we know it, and for the better! vidéo impressionnante!

  9. 1000 sounds nicex10 000=10 mill, cap around 50 Bill and thats if it doesnt take over ETH, it can go even more cause of the ultra low supply, thats it babyespecially if 1 is able 2 swing trade it, 6 months of that is damnnnnn 10 mill sweetwe wont be bitchin then about the bearish market theni asked myself when i find these gems, also wan, do i need anything more, comme 2 diversify and i really dontOnt also but with them circulating supply is all over the place, binance says 0.5 B, coin market around 0.12B and then 0.15B and then the 1B total and it smells funny tho its hugely aggressive now

  10. Nice interview, great project. Kevin is so enthusiastic, ask a question and he talks and talks. Interviewer’s dream 🙂

  11. ❤ ELASTOS! ❤ My favorite project, ma plus grande tenue. I’m so happy to see this from you, Alouette! I have such high hopes for this one. 😎

  12. Pour sûr! But on the other hand, I’d like more time to accumulate too. 😉

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