Elastos / ELA ReviewOS for Blockchain & Le nouvel Internet

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The team at Elastos has developed an exciting addition to the cryptocurrency space an OS for blockchain, digital ID, digital assets, killer partnerships and much more.

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Elastos / ELA ReviewOS for Blockchain & Le nouvel Internet

35 commentaires

  1. Merci pour la vidéo Lark! I have been spreading this EVERYWHERE! You may want to invest yourself before it really takes off. If anyone wants to buy a kidney? I may even throw in a testicle 😁

  2. I know right! The word about this project needs spread, just amazing how good some projects in crypto are and how rubbish others are

  3. Good review, mec. Just to mention two things you didn´t talk about.

    1) ELA tokenholders will get airdropped a special amount of every dApp tokens launched on Elastos as a platform.
    2) ELA tokenholders will have first-come buying rights at ICO price of every dApp.

  4. Excellent review on the ground breaking project that is set to revolutionise mobile operating systems! Another thing I’d add is that Elastos is secure because it doesn’t interact directly with the internet, the internet is a base layer, meaning that traditional malware, viruses, DDoS, hacks, etc will not workhence this is the reason why China’s largest vehicle manufacturer has partnered with Elasotos for its driver-less cars. Aussi, the mobile gaming world will love this as games will be run not on devices themselves but in the Elastos runtime a kind of virtual machine cloudthis is truly revolutionary and will offer much more power to applications. This is a ‘proper’ groundbreaking project that has flown under the radar due to certain unconventional features related to token economics IMHO (low supply and large private investment). The circulating supply will be identified once lock up has occurred, I expect the MC to be around $450M, but that’s my guess.

  5. En Ders So the market cap is already around $500KK? Intéressant, given that it’s so new. It also has very impressive daily volume right now, but the market cap makes me think I’m not in on this as early as I thought.

  6. It is also worth mentioning that there is no hard cap on maximum supply for this token. This IS an inflationary currency with a 4% annual rate of inflation. Look at the Genesis block. 33 million tokens were generated and additional tokens have been generated since.

  7. until we have a provably secure proof of stake protocolCardano’s Ouroboros, they seem to be well ahead of the compettion

  8. lmao i got me a fat stack have you looked it up on google trends!! huge interest in china

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