ELASTOS ELA Explained – A New Internet Ecosystem

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Dans cette vidéo, Kunal discusses the Elastos project, a unique project that is trying to create a decentralized operating system to re-define the internet.

1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8SozytWWdM

2) https://github.com/elastos/Elastos

3) https://coincentral.com/elastos-ela-beginners-guide/

4) https://www.fairfieldcurrent.com/2018/08/05/elastos-ela-trading-31-4-lower-over-last-7-days.html

5) https://sludgefeed.com/elastos-launches-testnet-for-public-use/

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ELASTOS ELA Explained – A New Internet Ecosystem

27 commentaires

  1. The only network operating system.. Creating an internet of wealth. Port all VM’s as side chains.. Addressees the blockchain trilemma of security, capability and decentralization.. Top project easily a top 5 investment on CMC..

  2. Elastos is my favourite project & in my opinion believe it is one massive sleeping giant. Rong Chen has so much knowledge, expérience, very driven & passionate.

  3. hey kunal,
    can’t thank you enough for this reviewthank goodness that finally a review on elastos is published
    cheers man

  4. Bonne vidéo! Was hoping you were going to review this one. If you are taking suggestions for you next reviews, I would love your opinion on SciDex

  5. If you’d like to learn more about Elastos i.e partnerships, upcoming events etc, I highly reccomend you join the official Telegram group.. The admins/community have a deep understanding of the project, and would be happy to answer any questions you might have 👍 @elastosgroup

  6. salut les gars, this video only touched on some of the things Elastos hope to achieve, the scope of this project is huge, I do encourage if people are interested to look into it further to get a better grasp of everything this project encompasses and it’s revolutionary tech. Passez une bonne journée!

  7. Elastos is a great project, with top people on the project. To listen to Rong Chen is always a highlight, you feel this man has a huge experience from many big companys.

  8. Elastos is a much larger scope project and there is much more details to share like elastos is merged mine with Bitcoin ,like proof of stake coming this year, like how Elastos OS is the safest operating system for IOT industry, like there smart TV set up box and selling 1 million devices across the globe 🌎 and they will also be Elastos carrier nodeshuge news coming August 25th at 1 year anniversary event going to be live streamed on YouTube. This project has much better more secure Tech than EOS it’s just a matter of time before smart money notices this sleeping giant remind me of Antshares before the rebranding

  9. hey BUZZ, i like your reviews, maybe you can make one About $ONT Ontology
    there are some News for Q2 2018 , like Own Wallet, ledger Integration etc.
    i think its one of the most Interessting Projects from 2018.
    Total under the Radar.. 😉

  10. Looks like a great project with one of the worst token economics among all the good ones. And as a rule I don’t invest in tokens that retain more than half of its total supply unless I think that they areextremelycheap, simply because crypto is very speculative already and I am investing (or betting?) à long terme. So I alwaysassumethat the total supply will be out by the time I sell my tokens (even if I sell in 5 years before that happen). For me this is almost like if I buy ela at four times the value at the moment as they have less than a fourth of the tokens out. So my plan is simple for ela: if the market cap gets to 20-25 million I will buy

  11. Half the token supply is for the Cyber Republic, which will be controlled by the Elastos community. This release will be very very slow. May last for 10 years or more. Depends on how many tasks and developers do tasks and build upon Elastos.

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