EFFECT.AI ICOAI is the FutureBlockchain is the Road

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Chris Dawe from https://effect.ai/ and I sat down to talk about their upcoming ICO, AI and the state of the industry, their celebrity advisors, and of course the imminent enslavement by the robot overlords.

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EFFECT.AI ICOAI is the FutureBlockchain is the Road

25 commentaires

  1. He did not answer your question abt AI milestones at all! But I liked his explanation abt why they chose NEO. Are there ‘other’ motivations too? Hmmmm…but I also don’t totally understand how they distinguish themselves from SingularityNET and AGI. ?!?

  2. I thought you did an excellent job interviewing him too btw. And I have a PhD in clinical psych I’ve had a lot of experience w interviews. lol. Good job brother keep on enjoying it and rockn it!

  3. I have this feeling that if the GOVERNMENT is left alone to control this, then WE wouldn’t be able to utilise AI to its maximum,

    Meanwhile the GOVERNMENT POLICIES should also be welcome

  4. Excellent interview as always ,enjoyed thank you #NOSHAVETILL20KCrypto Lark Nation” #NULS

  5. How can the Lark only have 66K sub???? Common guys share with your friends, people need a little bit of Lark in their lives

  6. good interview, just watched this and good to hear direct from the sources of people direct in AI. good job Lark!

  7. Forget governments, we don’t need em anymore, its only our dark history at this point

  8. This is probably my favorite ICO interview you’ve done. (To bad it’s not available in the States) As always man GREAT WORK!!! I’m sure I speak for most us that follow you here in the space. !!!!!”Thank you so much for all of this”!!!!
    -Kilana Kyasuta

  9. You do one hell of a job when interviewing guests. All the right questions get asked every time. Really impressed with your style.

  10. Sounds like standup guy, will definitely be investing into EFX. I think it has great long term potential! NÉO!!

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