EdenChain – Korean Blockchain Solutions for Enterprise

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Edenchain is a permissioned blockchain from South Korea, focused on delivering solutions for businesses, an ICO incubator, and bringing assets to the blockchain.

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EdenChain – Korean Blockchain Solutions for Enterprise

26 commentaires

  1. Très intéressant. Knowing I will be pleasantly surprised on what can be accomplished each year the rule appears to be if you can dream it you will build it. I cannot use in now but I am sure the tech will funnel down to the consumer even if later. Mahalo Lark. 🐬

  2. salut Lark, can you please also do a review on bezant. It is also a Korean project with an Allstar team including the former CEO of Bithumb. Bezant has also a partnership with Icon and will definitely be on Upbit and Bithumb soon! Currently it is only listed on Idex, so there is huge upside potential!

  3. 390 views and only 45 aime!! Smash that like button for the man!! He is awesome in this space!!

  4. You are one of the few reputable cryptocurrency influencer on YouTube and thanks for sharing this. Have you heard of Decentralised Art Gallery and its native token, Mécène(ART)? I think its worth doing a review about.

  5. Seriously lark, best crypto tuber out there now…. I predict you passing boxhead and shilloman very soon. Good to see some unbiased honest dudes in this spacedouble thumbs up mate

  6. Justin Hill Lark, Candor and Zombie have a lot of bullish divergence right now on the short term and long term charts. I’m super bullish and expect them to moonshot in the next 24 mois. Acheter le plongeon. On fundamentals alone they’re severely undersubscribed.

  7. Thanks for the info Lark. Btw, did you rob a 70’s store? That shirt is giving me flashbacks to my dad’s 70’s wardrobe selections

  8. Awesome review Crypto Lark! Always love hearing your take on fresh ICOs. Would love to hear your opinion on a couple projects like Muirfield IP and Fr8 Network!

  9. Great reviews as always! Have any thoughts on projects such as fr8network, UBEX, cargocoin, hive power, and Muirffield Investment partners?

  10. Also just announced an official partnership with Waltonchain a couple of days ago. This project looks like a could be a huge player IF they can pull it off! Merci Lark.

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