EASY Way To Read Bitcoin Charts – BTC Analyse technique

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Bitcoin tried to make a small rally today. Does that change the price prediction in the short term? How do you even start looking at the charts to get to a price target? Today Mark will walk you through part 2 of how to "read" the charts and use a different chart that you may not be looking at, but is useful, especially when starting to do TA. Today you will learn about point and figure charts.

Mark est un commerçant actif et partage son analyse technique des graphiques. Il n'est pas un conseiller professionnel mais partage ses connaissances afin que vous puissiez avoir une base pour faire vos propres recherches et prendre des décisions éclairées sur vos investissements. Toujours faire vos propres recherches et de ne jamais investir plus que vous pouvez vous permettre de perdre.
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EASY Way To Read Bitcoin Charts – BTC Analyse technique

37 commentaires

  1. Guys please make more and more videos about this

  2. Market is no doubt facing the bearish trend, but I hope it will recover soon, anyways any views on Kakushin.tech?

  3. Je vous remercie! You explain simply and concisely. One person on Twitter said they spent 10,000 hrs learning the charts n such so if we want to learn, research like he did. bien, malheureusement, he didn’t have YOU!😊

  4. Bittruth-Bitcoin, crypto-monnaie, exploitation minière, and news about point and figure or just TA in general?

  5. Money Maker other than the potential negative psychological impact that a $4,800 price might have on the market. I wouldn’t mind!

  6. Thanks Mark, très intéressant, i’ve never heard about this type charting, pretty kewl Man!

  7. unfortunetly I think the good ole boys are going to run it down to $3000-5000, the shorts are not helping!

  8. Old Fart In Crypto I was thinking we might see a short squeeze but it looks like the shorts are starting to fall off. The bear side of me says you’re probably right which would also indicate a potential ETF approval coming (no such thing as insider trading penalties in crypto right now) I could totally see collaborating going on between the whales and big money. All the big money is going to be done OTC anyway. Who knows right? lol. It’s part of the game right now.

  9. Old Fart In Crypto by the way. This charting is often used in conjunction with the Wyckoff method if you want to look into that.

  10. It takes years and years to learn TA, and even than most ppl don’t get it… Ses 100% emotions, your emotions are what you need to learn, mix that with risk management and your got an uphill battle

  11. I disagree on TA taking years and years to learn, however I do agree that if you can get your emotions under control and use risk management that you increase your chances of success significantly!

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