Donald Trump Is NOT A FAN of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency!

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President of USA #Donald #Trump just tweeted about #Bitcoin

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Donald Trump Is NOT A FAN of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency!

30 commentaires

  1. I am glad he tweeted that, it brings a lot more attention to bitcoin and cryptos to the mainstream. #verybullish #cryptorise

  2. He’s a bank puppet just like every other politican. The power of bitcoin is strong enough to over throw this failing republic.

  3. I’m bullish as well. 61 million people just had to look up what Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are. And you know that as soon as you do some research, you fall down the crypto rabit hole. Party is about to begin!

  4. After Warren Buffet interview echoing the same thing so the establishment and governments are is very very fearful now and GAME ON !!!

  5. Christine Lagarde, who has just been nominated to replace Mario Draghi as president of the European Central Bank (ECB), warned that cryptocurrencies areshaking the system”, FEAR IS IN THE AIR!!!

  6. Yes that’s why BitcoinSV the original protocol has all things going for it as BTC is not Bitcoin Trump is correct on BTC. People use the word Bitcoin wrong. BitcoinSV is educating governments and authorities on how BTC is not Bitcoin.

  7. 2 thoughts

    1) Sometimes disinformation is necessary.

    2) Trump is NOT a fan of the central bankers. Most people don’t understand how money works. The dollar is the U.S. biggest export and that FACT has allowed Americans to enjoy economic prosperity. Trump wouldn’t want to give up that power.

    With all that being said I’m inclined to believe its disinformation and he knew the dollar was losing its grip as the world reserve currency.

  8. @Rudy Nathan the guy is a billionaire who became President, he knows a lot more than you or I, if you really look at his tweets, they have a double meaning. I bet, he wants people to think he’s not a fan of crypto. Positioning himself and creating an illusion around mainstream media it block in the Deepstate. Check mate!

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