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This week week we discuss why politics and cryptocurrency cannot be separated and what the crypto based solutions are that can help us build a brighter future.
Come along and join the fun, as always trying to answer as many questions as I can!

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crypto-monnaie & Politique – Chat Communauté Crypto Lark

23 commentaires

  1. prudent, they will cut your cord soon. it happened to many around 2012 during Syria and Occupy movements. I have witnessed 1000’s of channels and accounts being removed (they are probably in the hundreds of thousands), the list was too longThanks for talking about this, it is critical and directly relevant to blockchain decentralization. We need a decentralized world government.

  2. Hey Lark good showYeah the censorship going on at the moment is because they are getting ready for something and don’t want any alternative media outlets reporting any real news of theeventeh

  3. The second another website like YouTube or twitter becomes popular where NO ONE GETS CENSORED and everyone gets monetized fairly and equally, I will drop these sites like a hot potato and move over to said new site….

  4. I love what you are teachin here @cryptolark I would agree with the theory we dont need politicians the question is how do we successfully achieve that for the greater good of unity of the people?

  5. Particle: also offers privacy for. business interactions, it just sucks it’s on a bunch of small exchanges

  6. What’s wrong with talking about politics over Crypto! Getting free from the crony economy and politics is my whole idea, moving into Crypto from traditional financial markets 🙂

  7. Dude so good. I genuinely appreciate that you take the social risks to speak so openly about things that really matter. Cryptocurrency truly brings power to the people in a way that’s readily accessible to the general public. I will continue to DCA into more crypto while the market is down.

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