crypto-monnaie – Acheter bas vendre haut

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Cryptocurrency is certainly more than a speculative gamble. It is an opportunity to revolutionize our society. While we are in the early innings. Cela étant dit, we recommend you buy the dips and avoid buying at all time highs.

crypto-monnaie – Acheter bas vendre haut

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Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

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  1. Thank you to everyone who has been Liking these videos (only if you actually Liked it) and thank you to everyone who has been opening up the dialogue and commenting on the videos. This assists us in building out the altcoin army and spread community strategy with others, both newbies and veterans. – Jeff

  2. Love it – you guys are a great team and I love the format… Very “one of a kind“- nice work👍👍👊🏻👊🏻

  3. I’ve never gambled. I Never buy lottery tickets. Got into this market Dec.17. because I’ve been watching Bitcoin since its inception and decided now was finally the time to get in since it’s built a decent track record. I feel confident as ever in this buying opportunity, just like when I got into the real estate market back in the early 2000’s (when everyone was saying the “bulle” was gonna burst and prices would drop)…Never happened and I managed to sell at all time highs. I learnt from history and now I’m learning a lot about alternative coins and their potential thanks to guys like you. BUY LOW/HODL/SELL HIGH!

  4. Could you say how to find out when its time to sell and time to buy??? How do you find when crash is coming? Also do you sell for usdt or usd in gdax/kraken? Thanks for reply!

  5. 13:24 – haha, brilliant, I think you just nailed the characterisation of 95% of Tron investors! Superbe, Monsieur!

  6. 42Ounces I did not misunderstand. He said the bubble never burst in real estate. But you are probably correct. If he is saying he sold at all-time highs, everything was at all-time highs just before it burst.
    You guys are killing me! I’ve been here for about six months. Had I known about this years ago as the two of you did, I would never have hesitated. You guys would both be multimillionaires right now.

  7. Not as easy as it seems, many people panic buy and panic sell. Build your portfolio of coins and be patient.

  8. I am going to wait till my initial investment is x5 and then take it out so i only take out 20%. The rest of 80% i will keep for the long haul 🙂

  9. As far as cryptos goI’m not a huge risk taker. Maybe acalculatedrisk taker but, sureshould’ve pulled the trigger earlier, then again, I have had a few missed opportunities. I don’t kick myself over those missed chances and prefer to use them as valuable learning tools. CE, I see as only the beginning and I still think there are plenty of opportunities.

  10. Hey Jeff, do you think you can give your initial thoughts on Monetize Coin? They’re going to have a limited number of coins at the ICO on Monday. Merci!

  11. No Jeff.
    We all should thank you in the first place for all the advice, Crpypto Currency hints, supporting and helping us out in bloody moments.
    Personally whenever you guys post, I insta-like.

  12. I know I would be rich! I had about $2,000 3 years ago when I heard of Litecoin and read a few articles about it. it cost $10 back then. Just a month ago it was worth $370. Had I bought them back then and sold in December I would have made $74,000. Instead I am just getting into this now.

  13. I’m actually thinking it’s a no brainer buy right now. Makes sense that it’s not going back up like the other coins because it’s so new without time for the chart to mature before the correction, and people tend to buy those big name discounts on dips like these rather than newer/smaller alt coins. APPC may not even shoot back up immediately with the rest of the market like we’re seeing now so it might be just a little, but I fully expect it to catch fire soon enough. The tech and team is all there, we’re atall time lows, market is making a comeback while APPC is still cheapthe signs are all there and I’m believing in this project and it’s potential. Got a position in at 1.37

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