Nouvelles Altcoin crypto-monnaie – Coinbase, BitThumb, litecoin, Litepay ,Market Recovery?

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Here is a look around the cryptocurrency Market including a look at Coinbase ERC 20 token support, Litecoin and Litepay no longer happening. BitThumb ready to scale in Korea?

Nouvelles Altcoin crypto-monnaie – Coinbase, BitThumb, litecoin, Litepay ,Market Recovery?

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  1. Jeff! Been with y’all since mid 2017. Such a different vibe now but y’all still do a great job. Congrats at 200k+! What size you wear? DM me your mailing address. ✌

  2. I think we are still in denial. I don’t believe we even hit panic and anger yet. Look at that chart.

  3. Are you buying into TRX to ready for next pump? Be honest. My educate guess for the next bull run explosion is March 31st due to alot of crypto events.

  4. Majority of investors joined in December, janvier. Most of those are now angry and scared. The media is silent as there is no moon. When the rebound goes back hard everyone will start to FOMO again so no worries here.

  5. i have invested close to 20k and i down 50%. I keep telling myself to keep buying at these low prices but i just can’t keep pumping into the market. Sometime real life fund will give you more happiness then Cryptos. GO NEOS!

  6. Fb. Never signed up. Didn’t trust them and didn’t care to connect with past ladies trying to get in my pants 😉

  7. I have a slight bit of nervousness but I still want to buy more at these low prices. If I lose everything I won’t cry but if I gain big I will cry, lol

  8. We all do 👏. It’s so hard to not keep buying at these prices . That’s why Jeff keep saying invest what you can afford . Sometime cryptos taking over our lives . Can’t sleep or work . I was like that hardcore now just sick of cryptos . Day trade , bought into the pumped and dumped cost me thousands . It’s so hard not to sell and buy the coins getting pumped but in long run it hurts . Good luck to all of us in the cryptos community. We all in same team !

  9. paul lindsay So are you buying or waiting for the market to truely hit the bottom? Unless we get swamped with a series more bad news, I pretty much feel that we are near the bottom. Mais salut, what the hell do I know?!😂

  10. Yes I have always received notifications from all my subscriptions before 4 days I didn’t receive anything till today

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