Adoption de masse Crypto? Ripple Partners with Apple, XRP vs ETN

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Will Ripple XRP lead the way forward for mass adoption or will it be bitcoin or ethereum? Find out more in the video about Ripple's partnership with apple and what it means for users. Also is RIpple the main competitor for Electroneum ETN on the mobile cryptocurrency side?

Dans le contexte actuel vidéo, we talk about if cryptocurrency mass adoption is near with recent Ripple news with Apple. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of this partnership.


Apple Pay Announcement:

Introducing the Payment Request API for Apple Pay


W3C Github:

Ripple Interledger Protocol:

Electroneum YouTube Video:

Electroneum – Patent, Updates and Mobile MiningMake Passive Income with Cryptocurrency Pt. 2

Electroneum Apple Statement about iOS App:

Electroneum Patent Info:


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Adoption de masse Crypto? Ripple Partners with Apple, XRP vs ETN

54 commentaires

  1. ETN also has already partnered with Xius which is the largest mobile phone payment centers in the world. qui a plus 7 million or more people using it already.

  2. That’s a solid comparison. Xrp vs ETNdoesn’t ETN have Samsung sorta in the bag already? I mean apple vs Samsung? It wouldn’t be the first time these two head off

  3. Bear this in mind: XRP is the technological transport by which to send the currency. It’s the technology of the transaction. That’s a HUGE partnership with Apple and the use of Apple Pay as the top layer and XRP as the bottom transport layer. I.e. Every transaction of Apple Pay is using XRP as its transport method. C'est gros.

  4. I think both have good strategy. It makes sense to push Electroneum to mass people firstly as it will create a huge selling point to aquire vendors. If I was a certain vendor, I’m accepting the payment option that more people use

    Now obviously ripple has a huge following as well and it may prove very wise to have focused more on trusted partners like Apple. This will open the door for people to begin using crypto that otherwise never would have.

    Electroneum needs to get the mobile miner running seemlessly.

    Advantage Ripple as of yet.

    Good vid dude! THX

  5. I have hopes for the company, but the investigation into being a non-conforming security is making me nervous about my investment. Don’t confuse XRP with Ripple or the several products they offer. XRP is the barely used currency, not the tech itself.

  6. ETN already has more users than XRP, and it didn’t even started yet. Why you compare it with ETN at all

  7. ETN already has partnerships. You should do a better job researching about partnerships and Android vs IOS globally!


  9. Facebook after 1 year had 1 milion users. ETN after 5 mois 1,2 milion users. And good things with ETN are yet to begin 🙂

  10. Lanister Crypto because if Apple adopts crypto there’s a strong chance that this partnership would lead to them using XRP. Donc, they would have an enormous amount of users. No one way to know what’s going to happen for sure. Just something for us to watch for.

  11. sp0rtbilly77 I was sorting through the ETN and Samsung rumors but found nothing official from either company so decided not to include that. But IF they did form a partnership that’d lead to a potential fun, long term rivalry. Need to keep our eyes open.

  12. Willy Beamin nice summary my man and I agree with you. It’ll be fun to see who can get the edge. Je vous remercie!

  13. rui teixeira I referenced my other video on ETN where I even broke down statistics about Android and Apple users in the top 5 cryptocurrency markets. I just didn’t want to keep repeating information. I am aware of their partnerships, particularly Xius.

  14. My whole family is in ETN. Even my 2 kids mine it on their phones. Holding my 10k until 2020-2021 🙂

  15. I believe ETN course to Mass Adoption is through third world markets. Between the mobile mining and working with those small vendors that cater to third world customers. Aussi, the partnerships with the mobile operators is a must in order for their business plan to work. Lot’s going on there, they just need to have enough runway to tie all the pieces together.

  16. J Wall, I think you’re right about ETN’s course. Their partnership with Xius is has the potential to lead to ETN payments in at least 9 Latin American countries. Like current fiat and current operating systems, it is quite possible that XRP and ETN will co-exist given everything swings in their favor. It’ll be fun to watch it all unfold.

  17. Even if ETN is new coin it is in big advantage over XRP. That simulated mobile miner brings a lot of new people outside of crypto. With Richards marketing skills ETN is set to stars, and when he says ETN will have tens of milions users, he means it

  18. Love the video i have recently found 2 new projects that could help towards mass adoption by giving you a way to spend crypto without having to transfer to fiat these are Zeex and Travelblock definitely worth checking out. i think ETN would make a good payment method for them both

  19. hpb,many people go with EOS hype,but believe me HPB will explode soon,i was telling people for NANO back in november,and with HPB will be same undervalued right now ,

  20. Zeex into the Gift Card scene. Heard about this one. It will be useful as to clear out my small holdings and get something decent. Great way to buy presents without pulling money out of crypto.

  21. XRP is MySpace. ETN is Facebook. Simple as that. You can see it by yourself at the speed rate ETN is growing with users.

  22. I just joined the Travelblock telegram groupI think I was meant to see this video and then read this comment.

  23. agree with ya dude….cant believe that people didn’t understand the script with the verge announcemnetlong on bothnot trading coin…/jetons

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