Chat Communauté Crypto Lark – OTC Bitcoin and Tasty Dip Buying

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This week we discuss the world of OTC Bitcoin markets and look at what tasty dip buys to get. Come along and join the fun, as always trying to answer as many questions as I can!

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Chat Communauté Crypto Lark – OTC Bitcoin and Tasty Dip Buying

26 commentaires

  1. Funny that some people didn’t like to have bitcoin called a toolthose have to read Satoshi’s white paper, that is the purpose!

  2. Hey Lark, you should have a look at everything Walton has brewing.. as well as some of the unannounced discoveries community members have made on reddit….it borderlines on ridiculous (blockchain patents, 10 functioning child chains, ties to one belt one road, partnership with one of chinas largest rental car companies and as someone pointed out on stream Mo Bing speaking at the great hall of the people with top.govt officials. Would be super cool to hear your thoughts on some of it.

  3. I’m with you Lark, I need more time to buy up these coins on the cheap. One more month at least!!!

  4. Glad to hear you say “ Don’t be afraid to miss out on ICO’s” When I see these ICO’s raise tens of millions for an idea and three people in a rented office with a few desks and computers I wonder if most investors realise what they are truly investing in. Dozens of ICO’s every week and almost all will fail once reality sets in.

  5. Luv ur work Larky . YES the power of the word . ( thought ) if one could truly get power of that statement 🌈

  6. I don’t question your integrity Lark so I think followers won’t expect it of you to down talk or shill projects. But if your BS gauge is going haywire it’s probably for a good reason. Then we would like to know. As always, maintenir le bon travail!

  7. Ditto! I was already on Huobi thankfully. My new favourite and surely the best long term prospect. Confess I converted all my BTC to ELA.

  8. haha, thomas the tank engine goes on the blockchain to teach kids coding …peut être? Could be the next big thing 🙂

  9. Rule of thumb ,nothing really worth knowing never gets talked about very much. So the lesion if there is one crap gets broadcast far and wide. Like what your doing man above comment not directed at you 👍

  10. Alouette, can you do a review of Bezant? Asia’s fastest sold out ICO, crowd sales canceled, former CEO and co-founder of Korea’s biggest crypto exchange bithumb is on the team. One of Asia’s top 50 fastest growing tech companies. Excellent team.

  11. Thank you for your diligence 💪. I understand that your time becomes more and more valuable. bien , we might see your channel and team grow at near future 💯🔥📈👍💪. I’m sure if it will happen, it will be great 💯. ❤️

  12. I wouldn’t be shocked if someday the cryto market overtakes the stock market. Bold statement, je connais.

  13. Just a guy on the internet telling me about two guys trading bitcoin on the internet. Sweet!

  14. lot of great info here, Quarkchain does all these tests.. but I’ve been really interested in SciDex. would like to know your thoughts pls?

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