Green Sea Crypto TOP Altcoins sur le marché Jeff et la Chine

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Here is a look at the crypto market green sea and some of the top altcoins from Jeff and the authorities of China.


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CoolWallet S:


Ledger Nano S:


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Green Sea Crypto TOP Altcoins sur le marché Jeff et la Chine

24 commentaires

  1. Jeff is oone of my favorite persons in Crypto world. Altcoin buzz is that popular becauseof his personality and strong voice. Unfortunatelly don’t like other guys that much. Hope we will see more new videos with Jeff

  2. If stellar and binance coin are the best coins in yr opinion, than plse mention why..

  3. At last I waited for puuublic round of ICO Telegram on Today I bought 5400 jetons) I got into a rocket, put on a helmet, buckled up and now I’m ready to fly to the moon for high prices)

  4. My list for massive gains: Sharder(SS), Morpheus Labs(MITX), Holochain(CHAUD) & Stellaire.

  5. Chinese scam list. You know China! They will choose Chinese based project. Don ‘t forget the great firewall of China.

  6. Hi jeff, what do you think about TaaS? Im not shilling, i just want to have your opinion

  7. Jeff….im an eagles fans….sam bradford is good on paper kinda like XRP but he will get hurt almost immediately which is good so you can play ur shiny newbie qb who lit it up in college. Sam Bradford will always be first string I.R.

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