Blockchain jeux à l'E3 – Oui ou non?

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Blockchain jeux à l'E3 – Oui ou non?

18 commentaires

  1. Bonjour! You should make a video and talk about the metrix coin and new own gaming platformGMG

  2. It depends on how they use it using blockchain to make gaming products thet can be individually owned and traded and have a way of uniquely numbering them, that can find values to items in a game then we’ve created a new asset class digital collectibles

  3. Great interview skills.
    1 question and an easy one
    Quite surprising how many people at that event the experts in their field, didn’t really understand the question. They just answered yes or no. Only a few had an opinion because they understood the question.
    Well done Dude well done 👍
    PS. This shows how little most people really understand blockchain technology.
    I guess it’s going to take FB (heaven forbid) to release “Libra” before the masses understand.
    Same happened for social media it took FB to show the masses that social media is the place to be, not to be frightened just use it, it’s free, it’s fun, it’s safe, it’s easy for everyone.
    I guess FB will do the same thing for blockchain.
    God help us all 😇

  4. I like that guys idea about create the game, gain attraction, then say it’s on blockchain. Maybe get more yes that way.

  5. Blockchain gaming is a implementation problem, just please don’tlockbehind any blockchain with crypto access with the tech still in it’s infancy

    Having currency is brilliant especially if users could opt-in on using it or having some very cool cosmetic value
    Currency could also be used for rewards systems in championships and super high ranking ladders
    It could be used for in game purchase of DLCs, maps, skins, mods and other customization purchaseables(but having alternative ways to do thebuythroughis always nice, like PayPal)
    Currency can even be used as duel fuel or any other type of wager in a sports bet or bet of any kind, but for now I guess it remains questionable how close video games can march in this gray area; considering recent events with loot boxes….
    Currency is already in games, the questions will eventually be; how incentivized will game studios be to put any given currency into their games and why would they choose any particular currency over any other? And how secure will their implementation be if they choose to go that route? (and so if bitcoin can’t fit the security and robustness that is required to support a coin in game then surely we need it if demand supports…) so game tokens are arguably (virtual)utility tokens of sort

  6. I want to say to the dude @1:00 that you can still trade in game items with your friends, which i think is cooler. And at least the lady that said no was honest and said because she didn’t understand

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